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Real people, like me, who love New Zealand, as well as hiking and the great outdoors, write these articles. We’re all based in New Zealand, it’s our home and we’re proud to share our beautiful little country with good sorts like you from around the world. We’ve got years of New Zealand travel experience under our belts, and plenty of passion for the outdoors.  

Nestled within the pages of our New Zealand travel tips blog, you’ll discover more about the best places to visit, the best things to do, the finest walking tracks and trails, the weather, our local cuisine, culture, wildlife, nature and of course, essential information about planning your New Zealand adventure.

We’re continually adding to this resource, so if there’s something you want to know and it’s not covered in the blog, just flick us an email and we’ll get right back to you with the answer. We might even write an article just for you.

Milford Track New Zealand

Hiking the Milford Track in New Zealand

April 201927 minute read

Heralded in 1908 by poet Blanche Baughan as the ‘finest walk in the world’, Milford Track in New Zealand has captivated the hearts and minds of hikers...

hollyford waterfalls

Walking the Hollyford Track

April 20156 minute read

You may know the Milford and Routeburn, but what about the Hollyford Track? Visitors to the Fiordland region of New Zealand are spoilt for choice when...

Milford Track View Spot

What’s the best time to walk the Milford Track?

September 20146 minute read

Many people (including some of us here at Trails!) believe that the best time to walk the Milford Track is when huge waterfalls tumble off the cliff t...

aoraki mount cook national park

Visit Six of the Best National Parks in New Zealand

October 20135 minute read

Would you love to experience New Zealand's famous national parks when you visit?  Not sure which area of the country offers the best parks?  Choosing ...


'Wild about New Zealand – Fiordland'

September 20135 minute read

It's not every nature documentary that gets us as excited about our homeland but this one - Wild about New Zealand by Wanaka / Los Angeles based produ...

aoraki mount cook national park

World Heritage New Zealand – See What All the Fuss is About

August 20135 minute read

The South West New Zealand World Heritage Site takes up a massive ten percent of New Zealand’s total land area, that is a whopping 2.6 million hectare...