Hiking the Milford Track in November

By Ziggy Dukes

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Located in the heart of Fiordland National Park, The Milford Track is one of the most popular Great Walks in New Zealand. Thrilling hikers for more than 150 years the track winds its way through some of the most spectacular wilderness in the country. From towering mountains, lush rainforests, and stunning waterfalls to glacier-carved valleys and epic alpine meadows the Milford Track has it all.

Here in New Zealand, November is mid-spring and is a great time to hike the Milford Track. The weather is usually mild, with temperatures ranging from 13-16°C during daylight hours (55-61°F) and the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Though November is a great time to explore the wonders of the Milford Track it’s still important to be prepared for anything. From what to expect on the track to crowd levels, hut bookings and what to pack, here’s what you need to know about hiking the Milford Track in November.

Highlights of the Milford Track

The Giant Gate Falls

The iconic Giant Gate Falls.

Milford Track native forest

Beautiful native forest.

Milford Track mountains

The towering mountains and snow-capped peaks of Fiordland National Park.

Crowd Levels on the Milford Track in November

As the seasons start to heat up all of our Great Walks, including the Milford Track, do start to see an increase in visitors. However, with that said the full Milford Track is a 53km, 4-day tramp, and with so much to explore it’s unlikely you’ll feel cramped or crowded exploring the magical track.


The Milford Track, like all of New Zealand’s Great Walks, operates a hut system of accommodation that is run and managed by the Department of Conservation. There are three DOC huts on the Milford Track - Clinton, Mintaro and Dumpling – which all require bookings during Great Walks season to secure your place. Hut bookings are released annually each season (usually around May) and book out in record time every year so if you’ll want to be fast if you want to secure a spot!

Here's a breakdown of hut prices on the Milford Track in November:

Hut Prices on the Milford Track in October2

Other Costs

Hut bookings are likely not to be your only expense when hiking the Milford Track. You’ll also need to account for food, transport and potentially accommodation nearby on either side of your Milford Track adventure. With so much to explore in Fiordland, we highly recommend spending a couple of days in the area to really make the most of your experience.

Here's a rough breakdown of other expenses when hiking the Milford Track:

Milford Track Extra Costs2

Weather on the Milford Track in November

November in New Zealand is mid-spring and is a wonderful time to enjoy the Milford Track. Temperatures are starting to heat up and our native forests and meadows are bursting with life. Average temperatures in November sit around 15°C (59°F) with highs of up to 24°C (75°F). However, as always in Fiordland conditions can change rapidly and temperatures have been known to fall below freezing overnight so it’s essential to remain prepared. November also averages 17 days of rain so layers of warm clothing and of course, a good waterproof jacket are must-pack items when hiking the Milford Track. 

For more information on our seasons check out our guide on the best time to visit in New Zealand

What to pack for hiking the Milford Track

For the best tips on how to pack, check out our comprehensive New Zealand packing guide but for a quick list, see below. 

The basics:

  • Waterproof and windproof raincoat and overtrousers
  • Hiking boots (firm, comfortable, waterproof)
  • Shirt (wool or polypropylene)
  • Socks (wool or polypropylene)
  • Quick-dry shorts
  • Under layers, top and bottom (wool or polypropylene)
  • Mid-layers (wool or polar fleece)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Personal locator beacon

Where to stay when hiking the Milford Track

The town of Te Anau sits on the edge of Fiordland National Park and is the perfect place to base yourself before or after your Milford Track hiking adventure. Though Te Anau is a small town it’s a popular tourist destination and therefore has all the conveniences you’d expect including hotels, motels, shops and restaurants.

Other activities in Fiordland

Fiordland National Park is an adventure seekers' paradise. It’s the largest of New Zealand’s National Parks and home to several other Great Walks, incredible day hikes, spectacular native wildlife and the awe-inspiring Milford Sound. No matter if you’re looking for a heart-pumping hike or a more relaxed sightseeing excursion there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore Milford Sound

Explore the magic of Milford Sound.

Experience the Milford Track with New Zealand Trails 

Our New Zealand adventure tours are designed to make it easy, fun and safe for you to explore the very best New Zealand has to offer. From incredible hikes like the Milford Track to bucket list experiences like heli-hiking on a glacier in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park our small group trips are the ultimate way to experience New Zealand.

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