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Welcome to our New Zealand travel tips home page. Planning a trip to New Zealand, joining us on a New Zealand Trails’ tour or just curious about the possibilities? Here’s a place to learn more about New Zealand.

It’s our hope that it will provide you with a handy place to learn more about all things New Zealand, as well as plan your dream trip. It’s a work in progress and our goal over time is to make it the best New Zealand travel guide out there. We want to create a New Zealand travel blog that’s informative, practical, aspirational and a little bit funny. That’s not too much to hope for, right?!

Real people, like me, who love New Zealand, as well as hiking and the great outdoors, write these articles. We’re all based in New Zealand, it’s our home and we’re proud to share our beautiful little country with good sorts like you from around the world. We’ve got years of New Zealand travel experience under our belts, and plenty of passion for the outdoors.  

Nestled within the pages of our New Zealand travel tips blog, you’ll discover more about the best places to visit, the best things to do, the finest walking tracks and trails, the weather, our local cuisine, culture, wildlife, nature and of course, essential information about planning your New Zealand adventure.

We’re continually adding to this resource, so if there’s something you want to know and it’s not covered in the blog, just flick us an email and we’ll get right back to you with the answer. We might even write an article just for you.

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New Zealand wildlife: Our 14 favourite local residents!

June 201913 minute read

An introduction to New Zealand wildlifeNew Zealand is home to so many species that are found nowhere else on earth! We think that’s pretty awesome and...

Hiking New Zealand

Hiking New Zealand Guide 2019

May 201931 minute read

All you need to know about hiking in New ZealandNew Zealand is a land of striking contrasts in its incredible scenery, from white sand beaches and sle...

Milford Track New Zealand

Hiking the Milford Track in New Zealand

April 201927 minute read

Heralded in 1908 by poet Blanche Baughan as the ‘finest walk in the world’, Milford Track in New Zealand has captivated the hearts and minds of hikers...

Top 10 lesser known walks of New Zealand

The top 10 lesser known walks of New Zealand

February 201910 minute read

While researching your New Zealand trip you’ll probably hear a lot about our Great Walks and rightfully so as they offer a truly world-class hiking ex...

Kiwi Hospitality

Kiwi hospitality and the New Zealand way

February 20197 minute read

New Zealand is famous for many things including, but not limited to, our rugby team, our beautiful landscape, our hiking trails, our friendly rivalry ...

Qualmark Gold Award

The Qualmark Gold Standard Award – what does it mean for you?

January 20196 minute read

In December 2018, the team at New Zealand Trails were beyond delighted to receive a Gold Award from Qualmark, which you’ll see we’re now proudly displ...

Hiking New Zealand

What’s the best time for hiking in New Zealand?

January 201930 minute read

New Zealand is known as a hiker’s paradise with a network of amazing tracks and trails weaving their way up and down the country. With thousands of ki...

Great Walks New Zealand

The Great Walks of New Zealand

December 201810 minute read

Most, if not all of New Zealand’s walking tracks and trails are great, fantastic even. But there’s only a select few that hold the coveted title of be...

New Zealand Wine Regions

A guide to New Zealand's wine regions

December 201810 minute read

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, perhaps you’ve been drawn by the vast natural beauty on offer and the wealth of experiences and activities a...

australia vs new zealand

Australia vs New Zealand - A Traveller's Guide

October 20189 minute read

Australia and New Zealand have long enjoyed a good-natured rivalry, with little brother New Zealand often playing second fiddle to the big and bold Au...

North Island vs South Island

North vs South: Which Island of New Zealand Should I Visit?

October 201810 minute read

Why choose one or the other? If you have the time, explore both islands. If that’s not an option for you and you have to choose between visiting eithe...

New Zealand Small Group Tours

Small Group Tours - The Unbeatable Way To See New Zealand

September 20188 minute read

There are many ways to see New Zealand and no matter which way you decide to go, you’re likely to have an incredible time because New Zealand is, for ...

view at routeburn new zealand

What to pack for New Zealand

September 20189 minute read

Packing for a New Zealand adventure doesn't need to be daunting. To make life a little easier for you, we have compiled an Ultimate Packing Guide. Dep...

Coffee Culture New Zealand

Guide to New Zealand’s Coffee Culture

August 20185 minute read

Since that first recorded sip of this aromatic brown liquid in the fourteenth century, through to today’s café culture, coffee has become a staple (an...

Spring in New Zealand

Spring in New Zealand – A Special Time of Year!

August 20188 minute read

What makes springtime so special in New Zealand, why it’s one of our favourite times of year down here and why you should plan to visit New Zealand du...

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World Heritage Walking Tour - is this the trip for me?

August 20187 minute read

Have you seen heaps of stunning pictures of New Zealand?! Does the beauty of our country have you mentally packing your bags for an epic hiking holida...

Hiking Preparation

Hiking preparation - 5 tips for getting trail-ready

July 201811 minute read

The great outdoors runs through our veins here in New Zealand. We grow up running around in bare feet, exploring the nature that is never far away, ev...

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Abel Tasman National Park - An adventure on the high seas

July 201816 minute read

My name's Shona and I'm a guide at New Zealand Trails. After finding out that I was going on a three-day kayaking trip in New Zealand's Abel Tasman Na...