Why Do I Need New Zealand Travel Insurance?


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A recent study by USjetcost.com polled almost 5,000 Americans who had all travelled outside the United States in the last 12 months. Of those, 41% admitted to not taking out any travel insurance for their trip. The main reason for not taking out insurance was that it was perceived as being too expensive.

Kayaking Cathedral Cove with travel insurance New Zealand

Sort your travel insurance for New Zealand so you don't miss out on any activities!

A similar study in the UK by Youtalkinsurance.com found that 1 in 5 Britons travelled abroad without any travel insurance at all. Travel insurers in the UK have reported that they deal with the equivalent of one new claim every three minutes from UK travellers needing emergency medical treatment from overseas. When a traveller requires even basic medical assistance abroad, the cost of travel insurance policies begin to seem like a bargain in comparison.

“Medical costs abroad can be a real shocker, and if you don’t have cover and then can’t afford the medical treatment you require, you could be in big trouble,” a spokesperson for USJetcost.com said. “Take the time to get it sorted before you go, and you will have the peace of mind to be able to enjoy your holiday fully without worrying about the potential costs if something were to happen.”

Source: Insurance Business Mag

You’ll find New Zealand has an excellent healthcare system and in the event of an accidental injury a government department, called ACC, may be able to assist you with funding to cover your healthcare costs. However, they do not cover:

  • Any type of illness
  • Your disrupted travel plans
  • Air ambulance or other emergency travel to get you back home
  • Any injuries incurred while in transit to or from New Zealand. This includes getting on or off a boat or plane
  • Travel around New Zealand in the craft you arrived in e.g. a cruise ship

Source: ACC New Zealand

Biking Queenstown Trail

Make sure you're covered with New Zealand travel insurance so you can enjoy bike rides like this one with no worries!

This is just the tip of the iceberg too. A good travel insurance policy can ensure you’re covered for so much more, giving you the ultimate peace of mind and allowing you to focus on really enjoying your trip.

5 Reasons to get New Zealand Travel Insurance


Organising travel insurance when you book your holiday, no matter how far ahead you book, gives you the peace of mind that the cost of your holiday is protected. Most people book their trips to New Zealand way in advance, often even a year ahead, and in this time anything could happen. If you or a close relative encounters unexpected circumstances that mean you either have to cancel or postpone your trip, travel insurance will cover any expenses you’ve incurred in relation to your trip or the cost to change your trip plans.


Medical expenses incurred overseas can quickly add up and while New Zealand’s ACC will cover injuries, it does not provide cover for illness. If you require medical care while you are travelling, insurance offers the peace of mind that no matter what it ends up costing, you will be able to claim back most, if not all of these expenses.


New Zealand is an adventurous place and while the activities you do on your New Zealand Trails trip don’t fall under the ‘adrenaline junkie’ title, there is plenty of time for you to head off and do your own thing if the mood grabs you. Should you suddenly decide to do a skydive, leap off a bungy jump or go white-water rafting, you’ll need to ensure you are covered by an adequate insurance policy. Taking out travel insurance in advance leaves you free to be spontaneous and get into the swing of New Zealand life to the full.

Bungy jumping Kawarau Bridge

If you're after an adrenaline rush, try a bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge.

Lost documents

On a New Zealand Trails trip you’re here to see the best of New Zealand and that means moving about a bit. With a few days of packing and unpacking involved as you tour around our beautiful islands, misplacing your passport could easily happen to the most vigilant of us. The time and cost involved with replacing your documents from over here is at the very least, a right pain. New Zealand travel insurance can alleviate this a bit by providing cover and assistance.

Loss and theft of belongings

New Zealand is a relatively safe country and we are serious about keeping you and your belongings secure as you move around. All our rooms have access to a safe and your belongings will be secured in our vehicles when we are on the road. That said, it would be all too easy to leave your phone in a café or your camera on the plane, while you are busy enjoying your adventures. In the event that you do lose anything, then your travel insurance should cover any replacements.

Where can I purchase travel insurance for New Zealand?

We've tried, tested and found the best comprehensive travel insurance for your New Zealand adventure! We partner with a global travel insurance company who provide a fully comprehensive travel insurance policy for travel to New Zealand and beyond. Ask for more information when you book your trip with us.

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