How to Choose Hiking Boots Video

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How to choose hiking boots

Your boots are the most important piece of hiking equipment and there are a few things you need to know about choosing the right pair for you before heading out to New Zealand. Here are my recommendations on how to get the right pair. My most important tips are to make sure you spend some time in your boots before you go hiking in them, carry a spare pair of laces in your backpack so you're not caught short and get the high ankle boots, as opposed to the lower cut hiking shoes.

How to choose hiking boots

Handy tips on how to choose the right hiking boots for your trip to New Zealand.

How to choose Hiking Boots - Video Transcript:

G'day. I’m Andrew From New Zealand Trails, here today with a few tips to help you get ready for you ‘World Heritage Walking Tour’.

So today we’re looking at your boots – your shoes. So these are my hiking boots. Now I like a pair of boots that have good ankle support, and obviously a waterproof upper and sole. And that’s really really important. Now I prefer the leather boots. Generally, you find the waterproofing in the leather is a bit better than some of the other fabrics, but it’s your choice.

So that’s what I like: the full lace, high ankle, leather boots. Now I’ve been wearing mine for quite a few years so I have broken them in and they are very very comfortable.

The other type of boot which a lot of people like and are really good as well are the softer fabric. So it’s not always a leather. As you can see with this one it’s a soft fabric – it’s a lot more comfortable actually. But the same thing; I really recommend the ankle support so you’ve got that support, and it gives you a lot of confidence when you’re going either uphill or downhill.

Really important thing about these fabric boots is to make sure you get a waterproof pair, so it’s got that Gore-Tex or something similar so you’re totally waterproof. The upper – really important to get that waterproof.

So those are the two types of boots that I recommend. Now I don’t actually recommend the lower cut kind of hiking shoe – just for that ankle support, that’s all. So those are the two that I recommend.

Now a good little trick to remember is when you’re coming out on your trip, make sure you’ve got a spare pair of bootlaces. Keep those in your pack – you just never know when that bootlace could break. And with a spare pair on you you’re good to go at all times.

And one last tip before you leave home: definitely spend some time to get used to your boots, especially if you’ve got leather ones. It’s a really good idea to wear them. Just go for a walk a couple of times a week; even around the neighbourhood is going to help you get used to your boots when you’re coming out to New Zealand.

As a guide we see some pretty funny footwear out on the tracks from time to time, but if you follow these tips, you’re gonna be all good, so we look forward to seeing you out here soon.

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