hiking fitness guide

Activity levels on our New Zealand trips

With five different trips to choose from, there’s a New Zealand Trails trip to suit you, no matter your hiking fitness or activity level!

Our tours are designed for active people of all ages and abilities and while not suitable for committed couch potatoes, you don’t have to be an incredible athlete either. Our guests are regular people who enjoy getting outside, exploring new places and staying active.

We’ve taken the time to put together an activity level guide for each trip, including detailed information on every hike and activity throughout the tour, walking times, distances and elevations. Click on the links below for access to all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about which trip works best for you.

World Heritage Walking Tour

On our World Heritage Walking Tour everyone walks at the pace most comfortable for them and there is never any time pressure. If you are generally active and enjoy physical hobbies like hiking, cycling, golf, tennis or dancing then you will have no problems with the walks and activities on the tour. Click here to see the detailed World Heritage Walking Tour activity levels page.


Our Masterpiece is our most flexible trip and has a very enjoyable mix of walks, hike and activities. It’s a comfortable trip that appeals to guests who want to spend each day exploring with a chance to try something new. We always have easier or more challenging options available so that you can choose how much or little activity you enjoy each day. Click here to see the detailed Masterpiece activity levels page.

Kiwi Classic

Our Kiwi Classic is for adventurers, those looking to get out into the backcountry of New Zealand and challenge themselves. This trip is for people who enjoy a challenge and know the rewards of pushing outside of their comfort zone just a little. Click here to see the detailed Kiwi Classic activity levels page.

Pure South

Our Pure South trip is designed for people who want to experience New Zealand's incredible array of outdoor adventures and we can tailor the trip to suit you however active you want to be. As long as you enjoy hiking and the outdoors you will enjoy this trip. Click here to see the detailed Pure South activity levels page.

Sweet North

Our Sweet North trip is designed for people who want to immerse themselves in Maoritanga (Maori culture and traditions), the natural wonders of the North Island and to hike the famous Tongariro Crossing, one of the best hiking trails North Island New Zealand has to offer. If you enjoy exploring, learning, hiking and the outdoors you will enjoy this trip. Click here to see the detailed Sweet North activity levels page.