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Activity levels on our New Zealand trips

Whether you're a seasoned hiker keen to get out into the backcountry or a relaxed walking trip is more your style, with eight different itineraries New Zealand Trails has a trip that will suit you. Then whichever trip you choose, you’ll be able to explore at a pace that’s right for you. With our small group size and multiple guides on activities and walks, we are always able to offer you different options so that you can scale your activity level up or down depending on how you’re feeling each day. Your guides are experts in making sure that you’ll never feel like you’re holding anyone up or that you’re getting an extra challenge if that's what you're after!

Many of our guests have questions about how fit they need to be but there’s no need to worry. If you enjoy being active in the outdoors at any level, then you’ll love our trips.

"We were very impressed by the whole team at NZ Trails, for their service, flexibility, helpfullness, friendliness and knowledge. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Tony and Ross. It was also great to meet some of the rest of your team at times. We always felt safe and well cared for. The activities were great fun, accommodation was good, and food was great. Thanks for a great experience!!"

- Jane Eton, Australia, 2023

We want to make sure you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about which trip is right for you. To help, we’ve put together an activity-level guide for each trip, including detailed information and elevation maps for the hikes and activities.

Check out the guide below for a breakdown of each activity level and then you can click the orange buttons to access each trip’s specific activity-level guide.

Trip Activity Level Key

When you look at our trips, you’ll see that the activity level is always shown as a range. That’s because, on all New Zealand Trails trips, you can tailor your activity level to match how you’re feeling on the day. If you wake up ready for a challenge, then talk to your guides about scaling up your activity level on the other hand if you’re feeling like a more relaxed day then our guides will have an easier option for you. It’s your choice!

Perfect for you if:

1. Your perfect vacation involves space by the pool and a good book. 

2. These boots are made for walking...but not too far. You enjoy the outdoors and like to explore, but at a pace that's right for you. You like to take your time so you can enjoy your surroundings, learn from your guides and soak in the experience. 

3. You love staying active on your holiday and know that travel isn't a race, it's just as much about the journey as the destination! Fresh air, experiencing new activities with your guides and ending the day with a delicious meal and great conversation leave you feeling invigorated. 

4. You know sometimes the best views need to be earned and you love a wee bit of a challenge. You're comfortable spending a good portion of the day on your feet exploring on well-formed trails with your guides and moving towards your goal. 

5. Clinbing new peaks is where you feel most at home. Crampons, ice axes and climbing ropes? No problem!