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Sweet North – Activity Level Guide

What level of fitness is required for the Sweet North trip?

Most of the people that join our small group guided tours have questions about how fit they need to be and the answer is that as long as you enjoy being active in the outdoors you will enjoy yourself on this trip.

With our small groups of no more than 14 people, we offer you plenty of options and flexibility. To make sure everybody gets what they want, we always have easier or more challenging options available so that you can choose how much or little activity you enjoy each day.

Day 1: Waiomu Kauri Walk

This 2-hour mild bush walk will see you trekking through regenerating native bush, past historic gold mining relics and to one of the finest stands of Kauri trees in the Coromandel.

Waiomu Kauri Grove track

Day 2: Sea Kayak to Cathedral Cove

Paddle out to the world famous Cathedral Cove (easily the most iconic destination in the Coromandel). In very stable 2 person kayaks, exploring the coastline at a leisurely pace is the aim for the day.

Cathedral Cove Kayak

Day 3: Short Walks - Redwood Forest and Huka Falls

These short walks are easy walks with great rewards. The world famous Redwood (Whakarewarewa) forest in Rotorua offers the opportunity to see the native New Zealand silver fern set amongst some giants of the forest. The Huka Falls walk offers views of the mighty Huka Falls and the Waikato River (New Zealand's longest river). Both these walks are easy trails on well formed tracks.

Redwoods Forest

Spa park to Huka Falls

Day 4: Hike the Tongariro Crossing

Today you'll have the choice to take on the full-day Tongariro Crossing or enjoy one of our favourite sections of the Track before exploring other areas of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The first of today's options is a hike to Soda Springs on the Tongariro Crossing plus an afternoon exploring other short walks in the National Park like the trail to Taranaki Falls.

Tongariro Soda Springs

Taranaki Falls

For those seeking more of a challenge you'll have the option of the full-day Tongariro Crossing. Your guides will brief you fully on what to expect, ensure you are well prepared with the correct clothing and equipment and lead the way explaining the interesting volcanic surroundings to you as you go. The trail will take us all day so we will be carrying snacks and a picnic to ensure we have plenty of energy for the 19.4km (12 mile) hike. We will hike through a variety of terrain on a well-maintained and well-marked trail, with several climbs during the first half of the day as we make our way up to the craters and lakes at the top.

Tongariro crossing

Day 5: Spellbound Waitomo Caves & Finish in Auckland

It may be the last day of your Sweet North trip, but it’ll be one to remember as we explore the hidden depths of Waitomo, marvelling at the limestone formations, crystal tapestries and thousands of glowworms that illuminate the cave system.

Spellbound Caves, Waitomo

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