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By Ziggy Dukes

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Most of us have a bucket list of places we want to travel, experiences we want to have and iconic locations we want to see. We’ve all got dream destinations in mind and places we’ve always longed for. But a goal without action is just a dream. At some point you’ve got to grab life by the horns and set off on your adventure and that’s exactly what all the inspirational women who join us here in New Zealand do!

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We love seeing women travelling together and exploring new places.

The Rise of Women’s Travel

In recent years the popularity of solo travel has boomed with more intrepid adventures setting sail on their own than ever before. One group in particular that is thriving in this era is solo women over 50. Whether tired of waiting for schedules to align with friends, heading away on a trip with the girls or have simply deciding it’s finally time to put themselves first, more and more women are packing their bags for a solo adventure and here at New Zealand Trails we couldn’t be more on board!

As a female-led company here in New Zealand we understand the unique set of questions and concerns that often accompany a solo women’s travel experience, and have designed our trips with the independent traveller in mind. In fact, over 1/3 of our guests are solo travellers and well over half of them are women too.

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More and more women are taking the reigns and travelling the world!

New Zealand – The Perfect Destination for Women’s Travel

With a wide-open world of possibilities, choosing the perfect travel destination can be tricky, but with solo travel concerns that are particularly pertinent to women such as safety, logistics and unfamiliar cultures, not to mention the difficulty of even choosing what to see when you get there, the choice can become even more difficult.

Sometimes all you want is a real person to talk to - someone to give you honest local advice and a helping hand in bringing all the aspects of your perfect trip together. That’s exactly what we’re here to do at New Zealand Trails. Having travelled extensively ourselves and helping thousands of guests experience the best of New Zealand on our small group tours we know what it takes to craft the perfect trip.

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Explore New Zealand's iconic destinations.

Safety In Numbers – Women Travelling Together

One of the biggest benefits of small group travel is the instant access to other like-minded travellers. Travelling on your own as a woman - or even with a couple of your best hiking buddies - safety can be a major concern which is why small group travel has become the go-to medium for women’s travel.

By joining a small group tour you not only benefit from the comradery and safety of other travellers but if you’ve chosen a local operator you’ll also gain access to unique local knowledge and expertise that will take your trip from good to great. It’s the reason that all of our guides are 100% New Zealanders and why, as a locally owned and operated company, we only run trips in New Zealand.

Local Knowledge & Stress-Free Planning

Another of the big reasons why group tours are proving so popular for women’s travel is the ease of planning. Putting together the perfect itinerary takes a long time and a lot of research which many travellers simply don’t have time for. By opting for a small group tour with a local company travellers don’t have to worry about making decisions on where to stay, what to see or how to get there. They can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure.

"Travelling as a single woman, New Zealand Trails always made me feel safe, part of the small group experience. They were always inclusive and welcoming. This is important when travelling and having small groups is definitely an advantage."

Joan Murry

Companionship Travelling With Other Women

As we get older it’s hard to meet new people and even harder to find ones who share similar interests. By joining a unique trip like our New Zealand hiking tours you’re instantly surrounded by other people just like you who all share the same passion for travel and exploring new places.

Whether travelling alone or with a group of your friends or family, meeting new people with similar interests and from a wide range of interesting backgrounds is always a great experience and one that adds to the magic of travel even further. Instantly forming a bond with those you’re travelling with through exploring new places and sharing new experiences often leads to friendships that last well after the trip is over. In fact, we’ve had countless guests form friendships on our trips that have led to annual get-togethers and further adventures with people they would never have met otherwise.

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We love helping women travelling together explore New Zealand with 100% New Zealand guides!

Women’s Travel With New Zealand Trails

So if you’re ready for your next adventure and a trip to New Zealand travelling with other like-minded women sounds like it might be for you, then we’d love to show you around.

Our local team are here to help and are experts in pairing you up with your perfect New Zealand adventure. So find out more by grabbing our brochure here or get in touch with the team today! We’d love to hear from you.


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