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People who choose to travel solo do so for a variety of different reasons – their partner or friends don’t enjoy the same type of travel as they do, they’re single, widowed, looking for new experiences, or quite simply they enjoy the solitude. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help with your New Zealand solo travel plans!

Solo travel New Zealand style

If you're interested in exploring New Zealand and you’re a solo traveller who enjoys staying active in the great outdoors, you're in excellent company with New Zealand Trails. With nearly 1/3 of our guests travelling solo we’ve planned the perfect New Zealand solo travel itinerary, taking all the hard work out of it for you.

Whether this is your first time dipping your toes into the waters of solo travel, or you’re an experienced and confident solo traveller, we find that most visitors to New Zealand want to enjoy the stunning scenery, culture and activities on offer.

Our passion is getting you into New Zealand's unique wilderness areas, special spots away from it all, off the beaten track and not always easily accessible if you're travelling New Zealand alone. We visit all the must-see places as well but with a local’s spin on things, avoiding the tourist traps and ensuring you make the most of every destination.

To really experience the essence and heart of New Zealand, local knowledge and a bit of outdoor savvy goes a long way, not to mention know-how on regional history, culture, flora and fauna – and that’s where we come into the equation. With years of travel industry experience and a deep understanding of our unique country, we know New Zealand and we know how to get the best from solo travel ‘New Zealand style’.

Heli tour of Milford Sound

When we say you'll experience the REAL New Zealand in comfort and style, we mean it! These guests enjoyed an incredible heli tour of the iconic Milford Sound.

The best places to travel solo

We chat with lots of people who are heading our way on their own and want to talk about New Zealand solo travel. They might have questions or concerns, but the good news is New Zealand is one of the best places to travel solo in the world – particularly if you consider joining a small group tour while you’re here.

Compared to other places in the world, New Zealand is very safe and we Kiwis are a friendly and hospitable bunch. There’s a lot to see and do, but it’s a small country, so it’s relatively easy to get around and see the sights in a couple of weeks. If this is your first time travelling alone, then New Zealand is a good pick as it’s one of the best places to travel solo. You won’t be disappointed!

Solo travel New Zealand with a group

Travelling solo with a group might sound like a bit of an oxymoron to many readers but let us explain. First and foremost, we keep our group sizes small with a good mix of ages and life circumstances. You’ll find yourself travelling with a range of interesting people -  including other singles, as well as couples, friends and families with adult children.

You’ll travel to New Zealand on your own and retain your freedom and sense of identity when joining one of our small group tours. You’re not a number to us and we’ll take the time to get to know you and what you enjoy. There’s no herding or clipboards or umbrellas to follow here.

Many of our guests tell us that sharing their New Zealand experience with like-minded people from around the world was one of the unexpected highlights of their tour and there are lots of opportunities to make new friends if you’d like. Many guests choose to stay in touch and even travel again with the people they meet on their trip!

Rocky Mountain solo guest taking pictures2

New Zealand solo travel tours! Sublime views await our intrepid guests atop Rocky Mountain.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

We know that everyone is different. Some people are extroverts who thrive on the presence of others, while many people are introverts who relish their own company and need alone time to recharge. Then there are the people in between, the people who like a little of both, company and solitude. We’re not here to judge you or try to get you to change your ways, we like you just the way you are. But our trips are flexible, and they work for all personality types … unless you’re a real-life hermit, they might not work for you then.

You’ll have your own space and plenty of time to relax, as well as opportunities to mix and mingle with your travel companions. Hike a quiet trail in solitude during the day before connecting with new friends over a glass of wine and tasty Kiwi cuisine in the evening. Or curl up with a good book and a stunning view by yourself, then stretch your legs on a bike ride and enjoy some laughs together with your group afterwards.

Enjoy all the benefits of travelling with others - fantastic company and incredible guides, whilst still enjoying time to yourself too. We reckon a solo travel New Zealand tour offers the best of both worlds!

Kiwi guides to lead the way

Our guides are top-notch, even if we do say so ourselves! They’re super friendly, carefully chosen and trained, very knowledgeable and inherently passionate about what they do. Their job is to take care of pretty much everything for you. They’ll help smooth the way so you get to make the most of your precious time in New Zealand.

Our guests tell us they enjoy their New Zealand adventure more, sharing experiences with a small group of like-minded people and letting us organise absolutely everything:

✔  The perfect New Zealand solo travel itinerary

✔  Stylish accommodation – check out some of the incredible places we stay!

✔  Delicious meals & snacks

✔  Amazing ‘only in New Zealand’ experiences

✔  Comfortable transport

✔  Organising all the tricky details you don’t even want to think about!

Solo travel for amazing individuals

New Zealand Trails adventure tours attract people who love getting their feet on the ground and exploring the great outdoors, and those who want to see the very best of New Zealand's flora, fauna and nature while enjoying all the comforts of home along the way.

GW Nov Routeburn Track

Marvelling at crystal-clear alpine waters as they carve their way through the Routeburn Valley, one of the best places to travel solo with a group.

We meet lots of amazing people on our tours – funny people, clever people, kind people, quiet people, people with different life experiences and plans. We love taking them all to see new places, introducing them to new experiences and hearing their stories. Whatever your age and however experienced a traveller you are, you will be welcomed with open arms as a solo traveller on our trips. And you’ll only be alone if and when you want to be!

Frequently asked questions about New Zealand solo travel

As a solo traveller, is there a forced ‘single supplement’?

Definitely not! There’s no compulsory single supplement on our tours. Accommodation is on a twin share basis (two people sharing in a room with two beds) – so there’s no additional charge.

As a solo traveller, you will share a room with someone else of the same sex and, as far as possible, of roughly the same age. And you'll never be forced to pay a single supplement if we can't match you with another traveller.

What if I want a single room?

Yes, of course, there is the option to pay a little extra if you want to guarantee a room of your own (single room option).

Will the group be full of couples or solo travellers?

There’s never been a New Zealand Trails trip without solo travellers! On average 1/3 of our guests are solo travellers. It’s a good mix and no one is left out.

Exploring Milford Sound2

Even this postcard-worthy shot doesn't capture the majesty of Milford Sound in the flesh; New Zealand solo travel at its best!

Are other single travellers mainly women or men?

Overall on our trips, the split between women and men is fairly even, so you won't feel outnumbered.

What age will the rest of my group be?

We have a great mix of people of all ages on our tours, ranging from the thirties to seventies, and they have all loved our trips. In any case, we reckon it’s more about attitude than age, which is why the social dynamics usually work so well.

Read more trip FAQs here.

Solo travel in style with New Zealand Trails

New Zealand Trails proudly operates seven carefully crafted small group guided tours offering the ideal solution for those looking for a New Zealand solo travel itinerary who don’t necessarily want to be alone the whole time. Find out which trip is right for you and discover why New Zealand is one of the best places to travel solo.

You’ll experience guided walks on New Zealand’s best tracks including the Routeburn, and Hollyford. As well as the great hiking, our itineraries are packed with iconic activities such as Fiordland backcountry jet boating, dolphin swimming, wine tasting and more. You will be led by friendly, expert New Zealand guides and enjoy all the comforts of home with amazing accommodation and exemplary dining.

Want to speak to someone who has experienced solo travel New Zealand first-hand on one of our trips recently? We can put you in touch with someone to discuss their experiences - just get in touch now. We look forward to hearing from you!

Find out everything you need to know about our trips and start planning your perfect solo adventure by grabbing a copy of our FREE BROCHURE HERE! 


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