How to Use Trekking Poles Video

By New Zealand Trails

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When you're hiking, using trekking poles can be really helpful in lots of ways - most importantly, reducing the impact on your legs and feet, especially when going downhill. Studies have even been done that prove poles can reduce the workload on your knees by up to 25%! A lot of people ask me about whether trekking or hiking poles are a good idea, here are some handy hints about trekking poles and how to use them.

How to use hiking poles

How to use hiking poles

Some useful tips on how to use hiking poles on your trip to New Zealand.

How to use Trekking Poles - Video Transcript:

G'day. I’m Andrew from New Zealand Trails. So I’ve got a few tips for you today about hiking poles. Now the first thing to remember is if you’re coming out to New Zealand to join us on our world heritage walking tour, you don’t need to bring these if you don’t want to. We’ve got plenty of these, and you’ll get them on day one of the trip.

Now people like using poles particularly for support when you’re going downhill. If you have a history of knee problems or anything like that, poles can be really good. Now, they’re just a way to get some extra support on uneven ground, when you’re going downhill or just across rocks. Now people use one pole or two – it’s a preference – it’s really up to you. I used to use poles a few years ago, and like to use two… it’s just got a nice balance to it.

Now, a couple of tips about using a pole. You want it about the height of your arm if you’re extending your arm out 90 degrees – that’s about the right height. Now, how to hold a pole is you put your hand up through the strap and then put your body weight down like that on the strap, so you’re actually leaning on the strap, and holding your pole that way, not gripping the top of the pole. Now that way when you’re walking, the pole just swings nice and freely.

Now hiking poles these days are always made nice and collapsible, which is really handy for travelling – you can just put them into your backpack or even into your suitcase… nice and easy to travel with.

So I hope that’s helpful – if you’ve got any questions about poles or any of the gear at all that you’re getting ready for your trip out to New Zealand, give us a call and we look forward to seeing you here soon. Cheers.

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