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  • Sweet North

    Experience another side of New Zealand on our Sweet North trip – our New Zealand North Island tour. Vastly different from the South, and spectacular in its own right, New Zealand’s North Island is an incredible destination. This trip is designed for people who want to immerse themselves in Māoritanga (Māori...

  • Pure South - 1 March 2020

    Our Pure South[/short-south-island-adventure/] trips are a distillation of the very best the South Island has to offer! Our super-guides Hayley and Finn banded together with Buki, Brian, Edie, Tammy, Scott, Julie, Dan, Mike, Cathi, Tina, Lisen and Desmond and ticked off our favourite spots - Siberia Valley and Rocky...

  • Kiwi Classic - 24 February 2020

    A trip for adventurers, this Kiwi Classic[/kiwi-classic-overview/] got our endorphins pumping! Our super-guides Kahu and Kristy linked up with Viv, Trish, Brian, Debbie and Brian to scale the peaks of the Angelus Circuit and explore the forests of the Kepler Track.

  • The New Zealand Great Walk Adventure - South

    On The New Zealand Great Walk Adventure you'll day walk on the best parts of the *Milford Track, Routeburn Track, Kepler Track and Rakiura Track* over five unforgettable days in Fiordland and Stewart Island.  If you want to experience New Zealand's Great Walks at a relaxed pace without the crowds and end...

  • How to Use Trekking Poles Video

    When you're hiking, using trekking poles can be really helpful in lots of ways - most importantly, reducing the impact on your legs and feet, especially when going downhill. Studies have even been done that prove poles can reduce the workload on your knees by up to 25%! A lot...

  • World Heritage - 24 February 2020

    This World Heritage tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] had many walks to remember! Our super-guide Jodi teamed up with Debbie, Rob, Jill, Tim, Dan, Lauri, Deb, Francis, Lester, Sue, Megan and Gail to hike the hilltops of the Kepler Track and boat on the Tasman Glacier lake in Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/].

  • The Grand Explorer

    The Grand Explorer is the culmination of over a decade’s worth of our experience crafting adventure and walking tours. This flexible trip gives you exclusive access to New Zealand’s very best National Parks and Great Walks, along with our favourite off-the-beaten-track locations. The Grand Explorer takes you from the golden...

  • Masterpiece - 17 February 2020

    This Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/] saw our guests venture around New Zealand in true Kiwi style! Our super-guides Shona and Chris teamed up with Steven, Jim, Deb, Denny, Janelle, Miriam and Bruce to experience wilderness like no other in Kaikoura,[/news/kaikoura-peninsula/]Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/] and Wanaka.

  • Our guides

    When we ask our guests to tell us their favourite part of their trip with us they always tell us it was their tour guide. We’re proud to have assembled – without exception – the very best guides you could wish to travel with.  Our 5-star rated guides are all New...

  • How to Choose Hiking Boots Video

    How to choose hiking boots Your boots are the most important piece of hiking equipment and there are a few things you need to know about choosing the right pair for you before heading out to New Zealand. Here are my recommendations on how to get the right pair. My most...