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  • World Heritage - 21st February 2023

    Over the years we've perfected our World Heritage walking tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/]. It's guided by our most experienced New Zealand guides and gives you exclusive access to New Zealand’s very best National Parks, Great Walks and our favourite off-the-beaten-track locations. If you're looking for a richer New Zealand experience with opportunities to...

  • Masterpiece Tour - 20th February 2023

    Experience the New Zealand we share with friends on our Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/]. This once-in-a-lifetime New Zealand adventure will take you to our most famous National Parks,  on the best of our Great Walks and up close with the native wildlife. You'll be inspired by our highest peaks and left in awe at New Zealand's natural beauty as you...

  • Kiwi Classic - 6th February 2023

    Our Kiwi Classic trip[/kiwi-classic-overview/] takes you off the beaten track and into New Zealand's spectacular backcountry. On this trip super-guides Ross and Ryan teamed up with Anne, Bob, Brenda, Cherie, Cheryl, Erin, Jane, Justine, Linda, Wendy, Erica, Lorna, Max and Niels to explore remote areas of our most beautiful National Parks, experience incredible multi-day...

  • Pure South - 26th February 2023

    If you're looking for an eight-day New Zealand highlight reel adventure then our Pure South trip[/short-south-island-adventure/] is for you! See the best of our beautiful South Island, from the Great Walks of Fiordland and majestic beauty of Milford Sound to the towering snow-capped peaks of Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, hike,...

  • Masterpiece - 27th February 2023

    Our 14-day Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/] is a compilation of the very best South Island destinations, activities and experiences. Explore New Zealand's Great Walks, experience the beauty of our most famous National Parks and the towering snow-capped peaks of Aoraki/Mt Cook - you can even swim with our native dusky dolphins! On this trip super-guides...

  • Sweet North - 7th March 2023

    Explore New Zealand's North Island and experience our culture on our Sweet North adventure[/sweet-north-island-adventure/]. Learn about traditional Maori culture, explore the natural beauty and experience the geothermal wonderland that is our spectacular North Island.  On this trip super-guide Niamh teamed up with Wendy, Roxanne, Christina, Dennis, Pat, Sandy, Kathy, Gail, Don,...

  • Pure South - 5th March 2023

    With our expert Kiwi guides at the helm you can sit back and relax as you take in the best of New Zealand's South Island on our Pure South adventure[/short-south-island-adventure/]. This eight-day highlight reel trip takes our guests from the awe-inspiring grandeur of Fiordland National Park to the towering snowy...

  • New Zealand Great Walk Adventure - 10th March 2023

    If you want to experience the best of New Zealand's Great Walks stress-free while avoiding the crowds then our New Zealand Great Walk Adventure[/new-zealand-great-walk-adventure/] is for you. On this trip super-guide Daniel teamed up with Gail, Glenda, Sue, Don, Helen, James, Janet, Henry, Jenny, Lynne and Tina to explore four...

  • Sweet North - 14th March 2023

    Experience another side of New Zealand and learn about our history and culture as you explore the Sweet North[/sweet-north-island-adventure/] with one of our expert local guides. On this trip super-guide Hayley teamed up with Alison, Sean, Jared, Ann, Steve, Nikki, Rosalie, Susan, Jeanne, Brian, Stewart, Debbie, Janet and Michael to...

  • World Heritage Tour - 21st February 2023

    Over the years we've carefully crafted our World Heritage[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] walking tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] for our most discerning guests. It's the ultimate way to experience New Zealand. Not only will you walk the very best trails in New Zealand but you'll do so in comfort and style. It's a trip peppered with luxury stays and...