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  • New Zealand Birds - NZ's Unique Parrots

    New Zealand is home to a plethora of very unique bird species. Initially a land with no mammals (aside from one species of bat), New Zealand’s bird species were able to evolve and thrive with little predation. This led to the evolution of many flightless birds, and a diverse range...

  • Kiwi Classic - 4 December 2017

    Josh and Kristy showed these lucky people an absolute Kiwi Classic of a trip. Great weather, awesome locations, adventurous activities and sweet accommodations – a recipe for perfect days and a well-earned night's sleep! Check it out…

  • World Heritage - 5 December 2017

    Kyle and Jasmine introduced this group of World Heritagers to our own backyard. And what a trip they had. Take a look…

  • 13 Best Multi-Day Hikes in the South Island, New Zealand

    Tramping (hiking) in New Zealand Here in New Zealand we have all sorts of interesting ‘Kiwi slang’ which can frequently throw the unsuspecting tourist off. While ‘tramping’ may sound like it might be a risqué night-time activity to foreigners, it is actually the term we use for overnight or multi-day hiking!...

  • Riding the Queenstown Trail

    The Queenstown Trail Queenstown’s premier biking and walking trail network, The Queenstown Trail, covers 130km of stunning off-road tracks. Part of the network of 22 Great Rides of New Zealand, The Queenstown Trail is the most popular cycling route in the country. Weaving its way around the shores of Lake Wakatipu,...

  • World Heritage - 27 November 2017

    Kristy and Andrew took these lucky 'Heritagers' on the trip a of a lifetime! Gorgeous weather, good friends, great walks, good food – this is the life!

  • Short South - 26 November 2017

    This lucky group of people had a great time on this Short South trip with Shona and Libby leading the way and providing entertaining stories along the way. You won't believe how much they managed to pack into 8 days. O for awesome! Take a look.

  • New Zealand Penguins

    New Zealand Penguins New Zealand is home to three very unique species of penguins, some of the rarest penguins in the world. Despite being rare and endangered, they are frequently spotted along the coastlines of the South Island and Stewart Island – if you know where to look! On our New...

  • 10 Best Places to Kayak in New Zealand

    Kayaking in New Zealand New Zealand is the home of adventure and a land of plentiful water, with hundreds of beautiful lakes, rivers, and coastlines dotted with pristine beaches. Home to a vast array of interesting birds and marine wildlife, one of the best ways to enjoy New Zealand’s scenery and...

  • Masterpiece - 20 November 2017

    These "Masterpiecers" had the trip of a lifetime around the South Island with gorgeous spring weather and a bit of everything the South Island has to offer. Take a look…