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  • World Heritage Walking Tour – The Fiordland Experience

    Our three-day Fiordland Experience is the pinnacle of your World Heritage Walking Tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/]. It’s an experience where you’ll escape time itself and completely immerse yourself in nature. Walk one of our Great Walks, cruise one of the world’s most stunning fiords, helicopter into the backcountry and spend a night of...

  • Private tours of New Zealand

    New Zealand Trails is renowned for our outstanding small-group guided trips, but did you know that we also design and run top-notch New Zealand private tours for families, friends, clubs and special-interest groups? If you like the look of our trips but only want to travel with the members of...

  • Special Interest Tours

    A guided tour of New Zealand is the best way to discover our beautiful country without the hassle of itinerary planning, route mapping, organising transport and booking accommodation. A good tour should take care of all those nitty-gritty details for you. But a truly fantastic tour takes things a step...

  • Masterpiece - 9 March 2020

    Our Masterpiece adventure tour[/masterpiece-overview/] is an epic Kiwi adventure, and our super-guides Kristy and Tom gave our guests just that! Mimi, Carol, Joe, Elaine, Teri, Janet, Cathy, Mark and Angela explored the bike trails of Queenstown, the calm waters of Queen Charlotte Sound and the vibrant coastline of Punakaiki.

  • Travel Tips - The Best New Zealand Travel Guides

    Welcome to our New Zealand travel tips home page. Planning a trip to New Zealand, joining us on a New Zealand Trails’ tour[/] or just curious about the possibilities? Here’s a place to learn more about New Zealand. Nestled within the pages of our New Zealand travel tips blog, you’ll discover...

  • Exploring New Zealand's World Heritage Sites

    The words ‘World Heritage’ are synonymous with places of incredible natural beauty. Chosen for their outstanding universal value, they never fail to stir up emotions in those who venture to experience them. The south-west of New Zealand is a designated World Heritage site. It takes up a massive 10% of New...

  • Reviews

    Instead of us telling you how amazing we are, we figured we would let our past guests do it for us. *You can take a look at our reviews from over a decade of incredible trips below.* Guest reviews[] See what our former guests are saying to the world, check out our reviews...

  • Kiwi Classic - 9 March 2020

    Our Kiwi Classic hiking trip[/kiwi-classic-overview/] is an epic adventure that will have you earning the views! Our super-guides Chris and Finn linked up with Richard, Louise, Yves, Tom and Frances to hike the peaks of Mount Cook National Park and the shores of Lake Rotoiti.

  • New Zealand Trails Trip Transfer Application Form

    We’re delighted to welcome you to New Zealand! The world is in an uncertain place at the moment, so we’ve updated our transfer policy to give you more flexibility in planning your New Zealand adventure with us. Your trip is still fully transferable to any available future date, but we’ve renegotiated...

  • World Heritage

    The World Heritage Walking Tour is designed with our most discerning guests in mind.  Perfected over the years and guided by our most experienced New Zealand guides, the World Heritage Walking tour gives you exclusive access to New Zealand’s very best National Parks, Great Walks and our favourite off-the-beaten-track locations....