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  • Masterpiece - 2 April 2018

    Haere Mai, and a big warm welcome to our guests Scott, Carol, Catherine, Maryellen, Elise, Megan, Keith, Rebecca, Walter and Nicky! Super-guides Josh and Kim led the fray with this lovely Autumn Masterpiece and took a heap of awesome photos along the way. Check them out...

  • World Heritage - 26 March 2018

    Our super-guides Sam and Jasmine welcome our esteemed guests Tim, Lana, Donna, Logan, Paul, Yvette, Deborah and Michael to this exquisite World Heritage Walking Tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/]. With great food, great sights and great company, this trip is what memories are made of!

  • 10 of New Zealand's Favourite Sports

    What exactly are New Zealand’s favourite sports? And can I join in? Well, sure! Read on to discover 10 of our favourite sporting pastimes all of which you can watch, join in or even compete in while you’re here if you like. We are a sporting nation. Whether it’s team sports or...

  • The Best Spots for Stargazing in New Zealand

    Come and experience life under the darkest skies in the world! Join us at the ends of the earth where the night sky dazzles and showcases its beauty and fascinating features like nowhere else on earth. Have you ever wondered what lies above you? Well, you might get a slightly...

  • Masterpiece - 26 March 2018

    Haere Mai! Our guests Andrea, Alena, Lisa, June, Cathryn, Stephen, Tom and Caroline join super-guides Cam and Courtney for this epic Autumn Masterpiece[/masterpiece-overview/]. There were so many wonderful sights, sounds, flavours and adventures in store for these lucky folks!

  • Masterpiece - 19 March 2018

    What a cracker of a Masterpiece! Shona and Kyle take our awesome guests Tom, Arlyce, Mary Ann, Jackie, Giaff, Alison, Cathryn, Cynthia and Bob around the sweetest spots in the South Island. Have a look!

  • The Perfect Trip to Replace Your Cancelled REI New Zealand Adventure

    We are sorry to hear that REI have cancelled their overseas trips. An REI New Zealand Adventure is a treat we can really appreciate you were looking forward to. It’s left many of you stranded high and dry, desperately in need of a replacement for your overseas adventure. Even better than...

  • World Heritage - 20 March 2018

    Guide Dave leads this magnificent World Heritage trip with Mackey, Susan and Colleen through the best bits of New Zealand in style! Dave was thrilled to share these beautiful sights, sounds, smells and flavours with our “Heritagers”, and we’re sure they all had a wonderful trip.

  • 9 Must-See New Zealand Movies

    Now it’s time to load up the popcorn bowl and take your pick from a variety of movies that will introduce you to the sights, sounds, people and stories of New Zealand. Of course, there are movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Pete’s Dragon, which you have...

  • Sweet North - 20 March 2018

    Sue and Libby ran the sweetest Sweet North trip! June, Steve, Cath, Donna, Kerry, Sandra, Graeme, Heidi and Joe were able to sample the delights of the North Island over 5 sweet days. Check out their photos.