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  • Kiwi Classic - 13 January 2020

    Looking for an active trip to keep up with those New Year's resolutions? Look no further - our Kiwi Classic hiking trip[/kiwi-classic-overview/] ticks all the boxes. This trip saw our super-guides Shona and Ky band together with Michael, Jennifer, Mark, Ann, Virginia and Vince to hike the Angelus Circuit and...

  • My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 4

    Fiordland and the world-famous Milford Track, a helicopter flight to remember and the Hollyford Valley - join Susan and Tom as they continue their New Zealand 'World Heritage Walking Tour'. Today Susan shares days 9 and 10 with us... My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 4 Days 9...

  • Masterpiece - 13 January 2020

    We welcomed an action-packed fortnight with this Masterpiece crew led by super-guides Dan and Kristy. They cruised around the South Island with Marilyn, Pete, Rosana, Julie, Bill, Than, Amy, Helen, Julie, Jeff, Nancy and Jay to explore Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/] and the waters of Kaikoura[/news/kaikoura-peninsula/].

  • Sweet North - 21 January 2020

    More tropical days were spent in the North exploring beaches and forests with our super-guides Sam and Chris. They welcomed aboard Beatty, Woody, Claudia, Peter, Lois, Linda, Jenny, Steve and Alison and took them on an adventure to Cathedral Cove[/news/cathedral-cove/] and the Tongariro Crossing[/news/tongariro-crossing/].

  • Pure South - 19 January 2020

    Our super-guides Jarod and Jodi would agree that this Pure South adventure tour[/short-south-island-adventure/] was pure awesome! They teamed up with Jeff, David, Wendy, Bob, Linda, Pippa, Jeff, Eva, Carol, Bruce, Colin and Dianne for a hike up Key Summit and a swim in Milford Sound[/news/milford-sound-guide/].

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    If you want to know more about our small-group guided tours around this beautiful country of ours, have a browse around our site, get in touch[] or, best of all, order our FREE brochure and we'll post a copy to you so you can start planning your trip of a...

  • World Heritage - 13 January 2020

    A fortnight filled with hikes and sights was on the agenda for our World Heritage walking tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] crew of Luis, Jim, Graham, Deb, Tom, Alison, Leigh, Ella, Rich, Jonathan, Barbara and Jean who toured around the South Island with super-guide Ellie. They spent their sun-filled days hiking the Hollyford[/news/milford-routeburn-or-hollyford-track/] and...

  • My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 3

    Naturalists, Weka eating Wetas and some fine Central Otago wine - Susan Patterson continues her journey with husband Tom and shares with us their experiences of days 6, 7 and 8 on their 13-Day New Zealand 'World Heritage Walking Tour'. My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Hiking Tour' - Part 3 Day...

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  • Sweet North - 14 January 2020

    Many days were spent with sandy toes and sunny skies on this Sweet North Island trip[/sweet-north-island-adventure/] as super-guides Sam and Chris toured around the island with Eva, Bruce, Joan, Meri, Don, David, Wendy, Cathy, Carol, Bruce, Avner, Bob, Linda and Kat. Check out their kayak to Cathedral Cove[/news/cathedral-cove/] and visit...