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  • Masterpiece - 10 February 2020

    Make your trip to New Zealand an adventure[/masterpiece-overview/] to remember with our Masterpiece tour! Our super-guides Tom and MJ banded together with David, Debbie, John, Fern, Victor, Val, Mandy, Eric and Mona to hike the mountains and valleys of Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/] and paddle the waters of Queen Charlotte...

  • World Heritage - 10 February 2020

    The finest of New Zealand walking[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] was showcased to our guests with the help of our super-guides Ellie and Nicki. They toured around the South Island with Pam, Sam, Tim, Jill, Margaret, Howard, Mary, Chris, Peter, Ellen, Mike, Jo and Jennifer to the sweet spots of Mou Waho Island[/news/mou-waho-island/], Glenorchy...

  • Why Travel with us?

    New Zealand is such a cool place, there’s no bad way to see it. We do admit to being biased Kiwis, but we've all spent lots of time overseas, so we know what we're talking about (it has to be said though, hiking up California's Eastern Sierras or down to...

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    If you want to know more about our small group guided tours around this beautiful country of ours, have a browse around our site, get in touch[] or, best of all, order our FREE brochure and we'll get a copy mailed to you so you can start planning your trip...

  • Kiwi Classic - 10 February 2020

    A sense of adventure was coursing through the veins of this Kiwi Classic hiking[/kiwi-classic-overview/] crew as they took on the South Island with our super-guides Hayley and Finn. Olivia, Glory, Dan, Diane, Kerry, Annie and James saw breathtaking views from their hike on the Angelus Circuit and their bike ride...

  • Walking Holidays in New Zealand

    Home to a compelling mix of breath taking, diverse landscapes and an outdoor-loving culture, a walking holiday in New Zealand is hard to beat. Here, turquoise rivers dissect alpine valleys, soaring mountain passes offer panoramic views and lush, emerald forests echo with the call of native birdsong. Exploring on foot...

  • Sweet North - 11 February 2020

    This Sweet North trip[/sweet-north-island-adventure/] was filled with a variety of adventures! Our super-guide Shona toured around with Richard, Alan and Judy to experience the cultural and geological wonders of Te Puia and explore the surreal formations of the Waitomo Caves[/news/waitomo-caves-glowworms-new-zealand/].

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    At New Zealand Trails we understand that our users may be, understandably, concerned as to the use of personal information provided, and we therefore assure you that your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The Privacy Policy Statement that follows explains how we use the information you supply, what...

  • World Heritage - 4 February 2020

    This World Heritage trip blended adventure and comfort to create a delectable itinerary for our guests Kaki, Greg, Carol, John, BJ, Ray and Dave. Our super-guide Dan showed them the sights of Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/], Mou Waho Island[/news/mou-waho-island/] and the Charleston Caves.

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