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  • Kiwi Classic - 6th March 2023

    If you want to get off the beaten track and experience parts of New Zealand that most visitors never do then our Kiwi Classic hiking tour[/kiwi-classic-overview/] is for you! Join your expert local guides and explore our beautiful South Island from the snowy peaks of Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park to...

  • Masterpiece Tour - 6th March 2023

    Our New Zealand Masterpiece Tour[/masterpiece-overview/] takes you to the very best destinations across New Zealand's South Island. Explore our most famous National Parks, hike our Great Walks and get up close with the native wildlife. From ancient beech forests to cascading waterfalls and Jurrassic-like rainforests you'll experience it all on our New Zealand [/masterpiece-overview/]Masterpiece.[/masterpiece-overview/] On this trip...

  • Masterpiece - 6th March 2023

    If you want to see and experience the very best New Zealand has to offer then our Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/] is for you. With a superb blend of bucket-list destinations and off-the-beaten-track secrets, our Masterpiece tour is more than just a hiking tour! Hike, bike and kayak your way around the...

  • World Heritage - 7th March 2023

    With exclusive access to strictly permitted areas only a handful of visitors get to experience each year our World Heritage Tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] is anything but your average walking tour. Experience the beauty of Fiordland as you explore the remote Martins Bay and hike the Hollyford Track, day walk on our Great Walks including...

  • Pure South - 12th March 2023

    If you're looking for a South Island highlight reel adventure our Pure South trip is the one for you. Over eight spectacular days with our expert local guides you'll hike, bike, fly and jet boat around the South Island to uncover both off-the-beaten-track hidden gems and iconic landmark locations for a...

  • Great Walks - 24th March 2023

    Explore the beauty of Fiordland National Park, experience four of our incredible Great Walks and venture south to Stewart Island on our New Zealand Great Walks Adventure[/new-zealand-great-walk-adventure/]! On this trip super-guide Tom teamed up with Natasha, Bruce, Jack, Steve, Linda, Andrea, Paul, Kerri, Sue, Klaus, Anne and Janine to visit...

  • Masterpiece - 20th March 2023

    Our Masterpiece[/masterpiece-overview/] trip comprises the very best of New Zealand’s bucket list destinations, activities and experiences. On this trip super-guides Rachael and Tim teamed up with Bob, Jared, Randy, Ann, Steve, Barry, Allison, Heidi, Kim, Wendy, Dawn, Lix and Mimi to explore our Great Walks, visit our most beautiful National Parks, marvel...

  • Kiwi Classic - 20th March 2023

    If New Zealand backcountry adventure is on your bucket list then our Kiwi Classic hiking tour[/kiwi-classic-overview/] is for you. Get off the beaten track and experience the real New Zealand. On this trip super-guides Cass and Cam teamed up with Tony, Mary, Tina, Domingo, Roger, Paul, Tina, Barbara, Celia, Lori...

  • Masterpiece Tour - 20th March 2023

    Experience the New Zealand we share with friends on our Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/] - a once-in-a-lifetime true Kiwi adventure. Over 14 incredible days you'll explore our most famous National Parks, be inspired by our highest peaks, hike our Great Walks and get up close with the native wildlife.  On this trip super-guides Chris and Daniel teamed up with...

  • World Heritage - 21st March 2023

    Experience the best of New Zealand on a walking tour like no other. Our World Heritage walking tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] takes you to the most exclusive and beautiful destinations in New Zealand to explore areas of our National Parks that most visitors never do. Venture from the rugged and beautiful West Coast...