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  • Day Walks on New Zealand's Great Walks - South Island

    New Zealand Great Walks – Day Walks: New Zealand’s 10 Great Walks are a selection of the best hiking tracks in the country, showcasing a range of different landscapes, geological wonders, and a vast variety of flora and fauna. The Great Walks typically take between 3 to 5 days to walk...

  • World Heritage - 19 December 2017

    What an awesome time of year for adventure! Super-guide Josh took our 'Heritagers' John, Alison and Rosalie on a fabulous tour of all our favourite sights and trails throughout the South Island. Stoked!

  • Exploring New Zealand’s Siberia Valley

    Siberia Valley When the name “Siberia” is mentioned, most people get an image of the vast, cold, barren tundra of Russian Siberia. Many don’t know that New Zealand too has a valley named Siberia, nestled deep in the mountains of Mount Aspiring National Park. One of 13 New Zealand National Parks,...

  • Climbing Ben Lomond – The best day hike in Queenstown

    Ben Lomond is one of Queenstown’s most popular day hikes, and the panoramic views from the summit over Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, The Remarkables and the surrounding mountain ranges live up to the hype! The track is very popular with both locals and visitors, and can be quite busy in the...

  • Masterpiece - 18 December 2017

    Guides Sam, Kim and Kate took this group on an epic Christmas Masterpiece and it looks like they had a blast! What a way to spend your Christmas. Take a look…

  • Masterpiece - 11 December 2017

    Shona and Courtney made this Masterpiece into one unforgettable trip for Susan, Roger, Brent, Diane and Morgan. Take a look for yourself…

  • Conservation in New Zealand – Protecting New Zealand’s Kiwi Bird

    The kiwi bird is New Zealand’s beloved national icon. As New Zealander’s, we refer to ourselves as “Kiwis”, and are very fond of our fluffy flightless namesakes. So what makes these birds so special, what are we doing to protect them, and how can you go about seeing one for...

  • Short South - 10 December 2017

    Will and Libby had a great time on our recent Short South trip with this lovely bunch. 8 fun-filled days around the south island. Take a look…

  • Arrowtown - A Few Hours To Explore

    Arrowtown, New Zealand Arrowtown is a quaint historic town, first established during the gold rush period of the 1800s. With its old architecture, mining history, stunning scenery, boutique shops and array of cafes, bars and restaurants, there is plenty to see and do in Arrowtown. You could happily spend several days...

  • New Zealand Birds - NZ's Unique Parrots

    New Zealand is home to a plethora of very unique bird species. Initially a land with no mammals (aside from one species of bat), New Zealand’s bird species were able to evolve and thrive with little predation. This led to the evolution of many flightless birds, and a diverse range...