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  • Masterpiece - 19 March 2018

    What a cracker of a Masterpiece! Shona and Kyle take our awesome guests Tom, Arlyce, Mary Ann, Jackie, Giaff, Alison, Cathryn, Cynthia and Bob around the sweetest spots in the South Island. Have a look!

  • 9 Must-See New Zealand Movies

    Now it’s time to load up the popcorn bowl and take your pick from a variety of movies that will introduce you to the sights, sounds, people and stories of New Zealand. Of course, there are movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Pete’s Dragon, which you have...

  • World Heritage - 20 March 2018

    Guide Dave leads this magnificent World Heritage trip with Mackey, Susan and Colleen through the best bits of New Zealand in style! Dave was thrilled to share these beautiful sights, sounds, smells and flavours with our “Heritagers”, and we’re sure they all had a wonderful trip.

  • Keeping You Safe in the Post Covid-19 Era

    When it comes to travelling again, New Zealand is the perfect post-Covid travel destination. We’ve got wilderness and space, quiet hiking trails and the freedom to go at your own pace as you step out and explore the world again. Preparations are well underway here to welcome visitors back to New...

  • How to book your New Zealand trip

    One thing we're always getting asked is how, when and which trip should I book? Well, here I am to explain it all! It always feels like there’s a lot to think about when organising your travels, so we’ve made it easy so you enjoy every step of the journey...

  • Sweet North - 20 March 2018

    Sue and Libby ran the sweetest Sweet North trip! June, Steve, Cath, Donna, Kerry, Sandra, Graeme, Heidi and Joe were able to sample the delights of the North Island over 5 sweet days. Check out their photos. 

  • Masterpiece - 12 March 2018

    Wow! What a Masterpiece this trip was. Jackie, John, Sidney, Nan, Kathy, Carole, Jack, Margaret and Andy – we really hope you enjoyed your time with Andrew and Courtney on this one. And as always, there are some great shots here from Courtney. Check them out…

  • 13 Things You May Not Know About New Zealand

    What makes New Zealand such a unique place? Well, it’s full of awesome people of course! But that’s not all! Discover some amazing facts about New Zealand that you might not already know. There’s more to our country than our scenery and funny accents… But what? While I’m sure you’ve heard...

  • Arthur's Pass New Zealand

    We know Arthur's Pass exceptionally well and we have spent many happy days here with guests on our New Zealand hiking tours. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps / Kā Tiritiri o te Moana, the high mountains, deep valleys and intricate braided rivers make it the perfect place...

  • World Heritage - 12 March 2018

    Suzanne and Peter, Delanie and Chris, Eddie and Jo Ann were treated to a double dose of Kims on this recent World Heritage trip! Both Kims were very happy to show them around our beautiful South Island, our beautiful people and our delicious food! We hope you had a great...