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  • Sweet North - 15th November 2022

    In glorious contrast to the glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains of the South, the North Island of New Zealand is a land of bubbling geothermal activity, lush forests and remote beaches. On this trip super-guide Niamh teamed up with Julie, Winslow, Charles, Chris, Alan and Charlie to experience it all -...

  • Kiwi Classic - 14th November 2022

    Our Kiwi Classic[/kiwi-classic-overview/] trip gets you off the beaten track and into New Zealand's remote National Parks. Experience incredible multi-day hikes, day walks and activities that take you into the real New Zealand to tick off some of our most famous walks! On this trip super-guides Blake and Cass teamed up...

  • Pure South - 20th November 2022

    Our Pure South[/short-south-island-adventure/] trip is an 8-day adventure like no other. Experience bucket list-worthy destinations and hikes throughout New Zealand's beautiful South Island. Hike the Kepler Track, cruise Milford Sound by boat, take a bush plane flight into the remote Siberia Valley and even swim with dolphins at Akaroa.  On this...

  • World Heritage - 15th November 2022

    Over the years we've carefully curated the World Heritage trip[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] to be a walking tour like no other. Not only will you walk the very best trails in New Zealand but you'll do so in comfort and style. Our World Heritage trip is peppered with luxury stays and true Kiwi...

  • Masterpiece - November 14th 2022

    If you want to see and experience the best New Zealand has to offer then our Masterpiece adventure[/masterpiece-overview/] is the one for you! With a blend of bucket list activities and hidden gems, this trip is the ultimate South Island experience.  On this trip our super-guides Chris and Grant teamed up...

  • Sweet North - 29th November 2022

    Haere Mai, and welcome to this Sweet North adventure![/sweet-north-island-adventure/]  Our beautiful North Island of New Zealand sits in glorious contrast to the glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains of the South Island. On this trip super-guide Niamh teamed up with Carl, Kate, Neil, Aileen, Gary, Karen, Pam, Gayle, Bill, Dan and Ting Ting...

  • Great Walks - 20th November 2022

    Our New Zealand Great Walk adventure[/new-zealand-great-walk-adventure/] is an unforgettable 5-day trip highlighting the best of Fiordland and Stewart Island. Avoid the crowds and experience four of New Zealands Great Walks. Heli hike the Kepler, wander through the beech forests of the Routeburn, cruise Milford Sound and even take a flight...

  • Pure South - 27th November 2022

    For our Pure South adventure[/short-south-island-adventure/], we've hand-picked some of the very best South Island destinations for our guests to experience. Tick off some of our Great Walks[/new-zealand-great-walk-adventure/], fly into the remote Siberia Valley and hop on a jet boat, explore Milford Sound and even swim with dolphins. On this trip super-guides...

  • Masterpiece Tour - 28th November 2022

    Experience the New Zealand we share with friends. Our Masterpiece tour[/masterpiece-overview/] is a once-in-a-lifetime true Kiwi adventure where you'll explore our most famous National Parks, be inspired by our highest peaks, hike our Great Walks[/new-zealand-great-walk-adventure/] and get up close with the native wildlife.  On this trip super-guides Racheal, Ross and Chelsea...

  • World Heritage - 29th November 2022

    With exclusive access to some of the best New Zealand has to offer our World Heritage tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/] is a walking tour like no other. On this trip our super-guide Tim teamed up with Roger, Susan, Jay, Connie, Mark, Judith, Ira, Stacey, Tom and Cammie to experience some of New Zealands finest...