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  • World Heritage - 11 March 2019

    Mike, Marcia, Rosemary, Tony, Diane, Maryann, Cher, Heather and Stefan joined our super-guides Rob and Shane on an incredible World Heritage Walking Tour around the South Island of New Zealand. Check out their time on the Hollyford Track and Mou Waho Island!

  • New Zealand Seasons: Which One Suits You Best?

    It’s always the dilemma of traveling to a new country – when is the best time of the year to visit? Well, you can’t really go wrong travelling to New Zealand, each of the seasons offer fantastic opportunities that are unique to that particular time of year. Find out below when...

  • World Heritage - 5 March 2019

    Jaqueline, Marci, Bob, Larry, Ron, Gayle, Betty, Barb, Cathy, Linda, Mary Ann, Sam and Dave joined our super-guides Nick and Chris on an unforgettable World Heritage trip! Check out their time on the Hollyford Track, Milford Track and on Mou Waho!

  • Flights to New Zealand: How to Get Here

    Have you been thinking about or made the decision to travel to New Zealand? Great choice! Now, how are you going to get here? With so many options available, it's easy to get lost in all the noise out there. With apps for everything and companies offering all types of...

  • Sweet North - 5 March 2019

    Marc, Margie, Debbie, Colin and Shery joined our super-guides Andrew and Corben on an adventure around the North Island! Check out their time on Waiheke Island and at the Huka Falls!

  • The Great New Zealand Cycle Trip 2019

    March saw us host 32 Canadians (and Canadians by Proxy) on a custom cycle trip around the South Island. With 7 New Zealand Trails guides in tow, what ensued was plenty of hijinks and memories that will be regaled around campfires to come. 

  • Queenstown | Adventure Capital of the World

    Picture steam drifting up from your freshly brewed coffee, as you sit at a table on the waterfront of Lake Wakatipu. Snow glistens as the first sunlight touches the mountaintops, and your teeth tingle as you breathe in the crisp morning air. A winter’s day like this in Queenstown is...

  • Masterpiece - 4 March 2019

    Bob, Jeanette, Tim, Kathy, Bruce, Jenny, Fiona, Alex and Shona joined our super-guides Courtney and Beth on a Masterpiece adventure around the South Island. They took in heaps of awesome places including Lake Ohau, Milford Sound and Wanaka!

  • 5 Reasons Milford Sound is Best in the Rain

    With an average of 182 days of rain a year, there’s a good chance that a visit to New Zealand’s iconic Milford Sound will involve at least a short shower. But don’t let that put you off – it’s all just part of the Milford Sound experience. Imagine sheer granite cliffs...

  • Sweet North - 26 February 2019

    Haere Mai, and a warm welcome to our wonderful guests Larry, Richard, Trish, Bonnie, Marci, Leah, Iris, Shirley, and Amelia as they join super-guides Ally and Andrew on this Sweet North adventure across the North Island. They saw springs, geysers, volcanic lakes, underground caves and even climbed a volcano! Check...