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  • Mou Waho Island | Wanaka

    Where is Mou Waho Island and why should you visit? For starters, it’s one of only five islands found on Lake Wanaka and it is perhaps one of the most unique lake islands anywhere in New Zealand. The area that surrounds Wanaka, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful...

  • The Best Glacier Hiking in New Zealand

    Is glacier hiking in New Zealand on your ‘must-do' travel list? Then read on, to understand how you can experience a glacier hike as part of your New Zealand Trails trip. Most glaciers are in remote mountain areas, far away from where we visit in our daily lives. There are few...

  • Masterpiece - 25 November 2019

    Our super-guide Jodi hit the ground running with Vanessa, Wayne, Jon and Kathy showing them the unique southern landscape of New Zealand. The team hiked Mount Cook National Park[/news/mount-cook-new-zealand/], went swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura[/news/kaikoura-peninsula/] and cruised around Fiordland National Park[/news/fiordland-national-park/].

  • More Info

    Researching your trip to New Zealand? You’ve come to the right place! Get answers and advice from the experts, as well as all the necessary nitty-gritty stuff and essentials to plan a trip to New Zealand. Make use of our dream New Zealand trip planner[/which-trip-is-right-for-me/], request a copy of our brochure[/get-your-brochure-now/] and...

  • Why Join a Guided New Zealand Hiking Tour?

    Are you dreaming about a New Zealand hiking holiday? Looking around at different options for your trip of a lifetime? Perhaps you have never been on a guided tour before and would like to find out more? If you're not sure if a guided hiking tour is for you, here...

  • New Zealand Guided Hiking Tours - Guided Tours NZ

    Discover the perfect balance between adventure, experience and comfort on our New Zealand guided tours Aotearoa/New Zealand is our home - we know it better than anyone and we want to share it with you. Join us and we'll hike our favourite trails, climb to awe-inspiring heights and skim stones over...

  • Pure South - 24 November 2019

    Super-guides Hayley & Megan gave our guests David, Kristy, Holly, Kathy, Yong, Hailee, Kee, Wayne, Linda, Bob, Madeline and Carol an incredible overview of the South Island. Their itinerary included boating through Milford Sound[/news/milford-sound-guide/], flying into the Siberia Valley and hiking Wanaka's Rocky Mountain.

  • Our Kiwi Team: Private Tour Guides In New Zealand

    The best New Zealand travel team on the planet Running outstanding New Zealand trips requires an outstanding and hugely experienced team of individuals that above all else, know and love New Zealand. First and foremost, we’re Kiwis – we live and breathe New Zealand and we’re determined that your trip with...

  • Masterpiece - 18 November 2019

    Diana, Kim, Lizzie, Jane, Mark, Ian and Karen were shown the perfectly crafted Masterpiece South Island tour[/masterpiece-overview/] by our super-guides Shona and Libby. They covered a lot of ground - including Queenstown, Okarito[/news/okarito/] and Kaikoura.[/news/kaikoura-peninsula/]

  • Kiwi Classic - 18 November 2019

    An epic start to the Kiwi Classic hiking[/kiwi-classic-overview/] season! Super-guides Kristy and Chris teamed up with Annie, Lou, Dale, Raylene, Gregg, Brad, Gail, Alan, Heather, Lisa, Mike, Lorna, Deb and Jeff to tour the adventure havens of Kaikoura[/news/kaikoura-peninsula/], Nelson Lakes and Queenstown.