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  • What Is the Best Way to Travel New Zealand?

    Camper or campervan travel in New Zealand has always been a popular choice for visitors. The call of the open road, the freedom to explore with no agenda, and the appeal of meeting other wandering souls en route continues to fuel this ever-popular activity. As New Zealand gets more and...

  • World Heritage - 18 December 2018

    Our two super-guide Kyles took Govinda, Rahel, Jordan, Tovia, Ari, Daisy and Jory on our last World Heritage of 2018. Looks like they had an awesome trip around the South Island, they had spectacular weather for their hikes along the way!

  • New Zealand Cuisine | Food in New Zealand

    New Zealand Cuisine 101 The first bite of a crunchy apple, the enticing smell of sizzling onions, the sound of a cork popping – food and drink can evoke strong emotions and memories. For those lucky enough to travel the world exploring new places and cultures, sampling the local cuisine is...

  • Kiwi Classic - 17 December 2018

    Our super-guide Shona leads this vibrant group on the Kiwi Classic of a lifetime, with the help of a handful of our other super-guides! Our awesome guests Bridget, Colin, Paul, Barb, Fred, Daniel, Ed, Tom, Lisa, Michael, Bridget, David, Colleen, and Adam had an absolute blast during their summertime holiday....

  • Masterpiece - 17 December 2018

    Haere Mai! Our super-guide Hayley takes our wonderful guests Michael and Tracy on this exciting summer Masterpiece - keep your eye out for the season's blooms throughout this gorgeous gallery as they explore the famed Routeburn Track, Milford Sound, Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park, Queen Charlotte Sound, the West...

  • Kiwi Bird | The New Zealand National Bird

    Ah the Kiwis, what a bunch of beautiful, feisty, nocturnal creatures they are… I’m referring to the kiwi bird, of course, however, several parallels can be drawn between New Zealand’s national bird and the humans who call this place home! The New Zealand kiwi bird (the bird that lends its name...

  • The Finer Touches at New Zealand Trails

    You have seen the photographs and videos of cascading waterfalls at Milford Sound, playful dolphins racing your boat in Kaikoura and a carousel of sunrises and sunsets. You have made up your mind; a New Zealand vacation is to be your next (and best) adventure. Now, you have one rather...

  • World Heritage - 10 December 2018

    Looks like Lesley and Barb had a grand time touring around the South Island with our awesome guide Tom! They were joined by the lovely Annie and Nico for the Fiordland National Park part of the trip! How many waterfalls can you spot around Milford Sound?   

  • World Heritage - 4 December 2018

    Terry, Pam, Gus, Susan and Ileen joined Courtney and Kendra on what looks to be a fabulous World Heritage Walking Tour[/world-heritage-walking-tours-nz/]! Can you spot the collection of cairns?

  • New Zealand Nature: What to Expect

    New Zealand, the land of vivid green peaks, chalky blue braided rivers and wild isolated spaces teeming with life. Two words combine to forge the identity of New Zealand nature – unique and primitive. A staggering 80% of plant life and 70% of animal life here is entirely unique to...