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  • Sweet North - 5 February 2019

    Richard, Gary, Linda, John, Mary, Sheilah, Paul, Andrea, Jack and Irene joined our super-guides Hayley and Kyle on a Sweet North adventure!

  • Masterpiece - 4 February 2019

    Zena, Margaret, Cheryl and Liz joined our super-guide Shona on a summer Masterpiece[/masterpiece-overview/]. They took in heaps of sights including Milford Sound, the Tasman Glacier and the Paparoa National Park. 

  • The Best New Zealand Small Group Tours

    There are many ways to see New Zealand and no matter which way you decide to go, you’re likely to have an incredible time because New Zealand is, for want of a better word... awesome. But with your well-deserved vacation time and hard-earned dollars at the forefront of your mind,...

  • Short South - 3 February 2019

    Ira, Carol, Pam, AT, Jan, Alice, Alex, Lon and Alison joined our super-guides Court and Rach on our latest Pure South journey. Check our their awesome day in the remote wilderness of the Siberia Valley on day four.

  • Australia vs New Zealand | Which is Best?

    Australia and New Zealand have long enjoyed a good-natured rivalry, with little brother New Zealand often playing second fiddle to the big and bold Australia. As with many sibling rivalries, we tend to argue over somewhat petty issues – who has the better rugby team (New Zealand), which country is...

  • Sweet North - 29 January 2019

    Jan, Janet and Barbara joined our super-guide Hayley on a sublime Sweet North trip. Check out their time on Waiheke Island and their hike in the Tongariro National Park!

  • A Guide to New Zealand Wine Regions

    If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, perhaps you’ve been drawn by the vast natural beauty on offer and the wealth of experiences and activities available. For those who appreciate life’s simple pleasures, an additional drawcard exists. New Zealand’s reputation for producing excellent wine is growing year by year...

  • Masterpiece - 28 January 2019

    Jim, Lee, Gail, Susan, Michael and Paul joined our guides Rob and Kim on our latest Masterpiece trip! Looks like they had an amazing trip around the South Island - keep an eye out for their journey on the Marlborough Sounds!

  • Great Walks of New Zealand

    Most, if not all of the New Zealand hiking tracks and trails are great, fantastic even. But there’s only a select few that hold the coveted title of being officially named New Zealand Great Walks. There are ten Great Walks dotted up and down the country. These walking tracks represent the...

  • World Heritage - 22 January 2019

    Our guides Tom and Miki take our guests Marlyn, Joe, Graihagh, Stefan, Ronni, Bob, Pamela and Roger on a remarkable summertime Word Heritage walking tour! With plenty of local wildlife to meet, New Zealand kai (food) to sample, and plenty of incredible sights to admire, we reckon this experience is...