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March 2023

TSS Earnslaw Queenstown

The Most Beautiful Lakes In The South Island

Tags: Lakes, South Island, South Island Lakes, New Zealand, New Zealand landmarks, Landmarks

New Zealand's South Island is a land of immense natural beauty. From the towering snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps to the golden sand beaches of the Abel Tasman, the...



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The guides were terrific in both their knowledge and their helpfulness.

Diane Harvey Philadelphia, USA

February 2023

Everything about the organization of the trip from the New Zealand Trails end was great. The pre-trip info was comprehensive and timely. Any questions were answered in good time and everything I needed to know to make the organization at my end easy was provided. The guides were terrific in both their knowledge and their helpfulness.

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Our guides Emily and Tim were the perfect team.

Anne French Ontario, Canada

January 2023

When we first thought about coming to NZ we tried to organize it ourselves, it was overwhelming. This is when we looked for tours and found yours, the length of time and distances appealed to us. From the start, Emily and Tim were the perfect team. Throughout the trip they were professional, they worked incredibly hard and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable and included.

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The whole experience was a fabulous one.

Carol Fujiyoshi Hawaii, USA

February 2023

My entire experience from planning the trip to going on the trip was so great! With my busy schedule I would not have the time to plan such a well organised trip nor would I have known what changes to make with the weather changes. The whole experience was a fabulous one. I really enjoyed our two guides Cameron and Finn. They made the whole trip great!

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Our New Zealand Trails trip was very special.

Gayle Gilroy & Dave Koukol Colorado, USA

February 2023

Our New Zealand Trails trip was very special. The entire staff we interacted with was stellar! The trip was presented in an exciting way, the staff was superb at answering questions as we planned the trip, and helping with pre and post stays. The tour itself went to amazing places and was led by 2 amazing women. We felt blessed by it all! We will remember the soft feel of the Kepler Trek on the first day, so different from our hard Rocky Mountain trails at home. The Milford Sound is more beautiful than we could have imagined, even though we've seen pictures! The Key Summit on Routeburn Trek looks like a painting! The true icing on the cake was the bluebird sky day with Aoraki standing proud and glorious in the sun! Amazing mountain! Our trip did not go completely as planned- it was too windy to take the plane to Siberia Hut, and the dolphins didn't come to swim in Akaroa because there were killer whales in the bay (now who could complain about an orca show!), but we had so many rich experiences that we will forever carry the memories of what we DID see and never miss the other. We loved New Zealand and the friendliness of the people, the great food (seafood, hokey pokey ice cream, meat pies, Whittaker chocolate!) and the amazing scenery!

Photos of Gayle and Dave's trip

This was a wonderful adventure l shall always cherish.

Jane Baynes Ontario, Canada

February 2023

New Zealand’s South Island is a country of beautifully rugged and ever changing landscapes! I was at times overwhelmed by the vibrant rainforest-like vegetation. Incredible vistas as one ascended tracks. Spectacular coastlines! I was sad to have missed my Sweet North trip due to weather events, but my time on the Kiwi Classic trip with guides Ross and Ryan was brilliant! This was a wonderful adventure l shall always cherish. Thank you.

Photos of Jane's trip