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The common denominator on our team is a passion for the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy here in New Zealand. A lot of us were born and bred here, some of us chose to make this beautiful place our home, but at the core we’re all a bunch of genuine Kiwis.

Our Super-Guides

We’re proud to have assembled – without exception – the friendliest bunch of people you could wish to travel with. At a minimum, our guides have to be Kiwis, professional and up to date with all the necessary qualifications to even get an interview. Then what we're looking for is guides with the “X-factor” who we would want to hang out with on holiday. We make sure they’re fully clued up on New Zealand’s flora, fauna, history and heritage and are always learning more so they have more to share with you. We take your safety and comfort seriously, of course, so we provide the latest industry-standard gear and ongoing training on everything from safety plans to hospitality benchmarks to make sure they are equipped to give you their very best. They know how to be right there whenever you need something, before you know it sometimes, yet out of sight when you want to bask in the solitude. They prepare exquisite meals seemingly out of nowhere, and know how to encourage you up that track or across that bridge! They're your new mates eager to show you around their backyard.

Our HQ Team 

We give it our all to make your experience with us remarkable, right from the moment you first hear of New Zealand Trails. And we’re constantly improving everything. All the time. If you like what you see here, somewhere along the way you’ll probably have a chat to Jodi, who is the friendly voice at the end of the line. Then when you book a trip, Tash makes sure you have everything you need until our guides meet you on the first morning. A huge amount of work goes into producing the best adventure tours in New Zealand so, at certain times of the year, there are a few more folks pitching in behind the scenes here in our Queenstown office to make sure things flow smoothly everywhere. 



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