Sweet North – Fitness Guide

What level of fitness is required for the Sweet North trip?

The Sweet North trip is designed for people who enjoy being active in the outdoors, but you don't need to be super-fit or an outdoor expert in any way. If you enjoy hiking and exploring then you will enjoy this trip. The North Island is well-known for its rolling green hills, cultural assets and thermal wonderland. It's also home to one of New Zealand's most popular "Great Walks", which is a real highlight of this trip and a stunning day hike.

Here's a summary of the hikes and activities you will enjoy on this 5-day North Island tour.

Day 1: Waiheke Island coastal walk

Te ara hura walkway

Day 2: Short walk to Blue Spring near Putaruru

The Te Waihou Walkway is an easy 1.5-hour track that will take you to the famous Blue Spring, one of the purest water sources in the world. You’ll travel alongside the Waihou River, winding through wetlands, across rolling pastures and past small waterfalls to the turquoise water of the spring.

Te waihou walkway

Day 3: Lake Taupo Sea Kayak and Mountain Biking

Maori rock face kayak

Spa park to huka falls

Day 4: Hike the Tongariro Crossing

Widely regarded as ‘the best day walk in New Zealand’ this is a day you'll remember forever. Your guides will brief you fully on what to expect, ensure you are well prepared with the correct clothing and equipment and lead the way explaining the interesting volcanic surroundings to you as you go. The trail will take us all day so we will be carrying snacks and a picnic to ensure we have plenty of energy for the 19.4km (12 mile) hike. We will hike through a variety of terrain on a well-maintained and well-marked trail, with several climbs during the first half of the day as we make our way up to the craters and lakes at the top.

Tongariro crossing

Couple at Blue Lake, Tongariro

Bask in the otherworldly views atop the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

Day 5: Blackwater Rafting Waitomo Caves & Finish in Auckland

It may be the last day of your Sweet North trip, but it’ll be one to remember as we explore the hidden depths of Waitomo, marvelling at the limestone formations, crystal tapestries and thousands of glowworms that illuminate the cave system.

Aranui Cave Tours, Waitomo, Waikato

Don your wetsuit and grab an inner tube - you're about to have a blast!

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