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The agent we work with to book flights from Canada and the United States only books flights with Air New Zealand, and she won’t be making bookings until we have a set date for our borders to open. We will be in touch with our North American guests when she is able to take bookings. In the meantime, if you see a flight deal that you like (and we are hearing about some good prices online) then go ahead and book, we just want you to be sure that you are getting a flexible fare and that with some tickets there may be date change fees.

For our Australian guests, our agent doesn’t sell Trans-Tasman or domestic flights but we're seeing some great deals out there at the moment for when you book your own flights. A When you're booking your flights, it's still worth checking the flexibility and any change fees.

Airlines make their flights available for booking 11 months before departure, so if your trip is still a wee way away, hold tight and the flights will be released later on.