About New Zealand Trails

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Jodi Narbey

Jodi's the first NZ Trails person you'll probably speak to, if you call us with questions. Raised on a farm in Timaru, and graduating from Otago University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, Jodi spent years guiding clients in the tough, sometimes dangerous world of overland African safaris. She has remarkable cache of hair-raising, and often funny, tales which come out from time to time, perhaps after two glasses of Otago Pinot! After her years in Africa, she worked for an adventure travel company in London, before returning home to Queenstown and getting involved in home-grown hiking and multisport tours of New Zealand, her backyard. She's spent just about her whole career in tourism - another 20 year veteran - and loves hiking, running and just about anything to do with the outdoors. She is a mine of information on everything fun there is to do in New Zealand - which is a lot! When she’s not out snowboarding or taking her dog Pipi for a run, she’d love to hear from you to chat about your New Zealand plans!

Dawn Hamilton

Dawn joins us from an extensive career in the travel industry, starting with her first foray travelling overseas in the early 90’s. Skiing, Central Otago Pinot Noir and exploring near and far with her husband and dogs Kato & Luca, are some of her favourite hobbies. Having travelled Northern Scandinavia down to Antarctica and most places in between over the last 25 years, Dawn's passion for travel is apparent. She brings extensive travel experience to our team, a particular strength in putting everything together seamlessly, and an uncanny knack for attention to detail. Dawn’s the lady you’ll be speaking to if you have any questions before heading to New Zealand for your trip!

Lauren Moyes

Lauren is our Operations Manager and guide trainer. A true guiding professional, Lauren joined the New Zealand Trails team after more than a decade as one of New Zealand’s best outdoor guides. She’s a trained teacher, has run summer camps, been a climbing instructor, outdoor safety advisor and completed a Masters Course at Outward Bound – her energy is inspirational. If you ask Lauren what she loves most about guiding, she answers without hesitation – the amazing people we meet. She’s a real people-person, you can tell that the moment you meet her.

Nigel Williamson

Nigel also started off in the demanding world of the African overland safari business, about 25 years ago. When he came home to New Zealand in 2002 he started an online travel agency, which is now considered to be the premier adventure inbound operator in the New Zealand tourism industry! NZ Trails was a natural progression for Nigel, who's an enthusiastic hiker, mountain and road-biker, and a very keen aviator. He loves to call Queenstown home, as do we all. You'll see why, when you come through!