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New Zealand is not ordinary. You already know that, right? It is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. But it’s not just scenery that makes a one-of-a-kind, flawless vacation. It’s the people - the conversations with locals, fellow travellers, ordinary kiwis. It’s the things you do. It’s the cuisine, and maybe the wines and craft beers. It’s where and how well you sleep. And, ok, it’s the scenery too!

Anyone can book a regular tour, a campervan, or just buy a map and wing it. You can’t go too far wrong in New Zealand’s settled areas. But with New Zealand Trails you’ll do so much more than that, and go deep into the wilderness. Once you’ve paddled on Okarito Lagoon, sailed on Milford Sound, swum with Dusky dolphins at Kaikoura, hiked Nelson Lakes National Park, the Routeburn Track, Mount Cook, the Hollyford Track and our favourite lesser-known hiking tracks, many of which are exclusive access, often far from the regular tourist routes…you’ll know you’ve spent your time wisely. You’ll get on the big tin budgie home knowing you couldn’t have chosen a better way to see, and 'do', New Zealand.

We don’t run regular tours. We run extraordinary adventures. We deliver magic. We are not ordinary, and neither are our guests. Every single person at New Zealand Trails HQ has been doing this for over 10 years, and in several cases, 20 years! We fix problems before you knew they existed and anticipate what you want, sometimes before you know yourself. And perhaps the best part – we love what we do. You will too.

Most people come here once, perhaps twice, in a lifetime, and want to do it right... we do it right. How do we know that? Because many of our clients want to come back! If you’re happy being one of thousands of customers of a teeming tourism company, you’ll find plenty of choices. That’s not how we roll. If you crave the authentic but love to be looked after, if you like to hike in mind-blowing scenery at a pace that suits you and still enjoy fantastic fresh local cuisine & wines, and be guided by New Zealanders with an astonishing knowledge of their culture, Maoritanga, history and wildlife – and also know when to let you silently enjoy the sun setting over the beach, well, we  just might have some trips for you!

Two weeks or less? Stay South! Seriously. Ask us why.

Sneak peek at our trips, main info on Our Trips page.

Kiwi Classic.

14 days of the South Island’s best hiking and with some sea kayaking, cycling, swimming with dolphins and much more! Wide ranging, vigorous and FUN!



14 days of extraordinary diversity. Our most diverse and culturally interactive trip. Lovingly maximises kiwi authenticity without compromising on quality or comfort.


World Heritage Walking Tour.

Which clients have told us is simply the best and most upscale 13-day South Island walking tour money can buy.


Short South.

For those who only have a week or so. You can always come back! Combines the best of all of our South Island trips, maximum return for minimum time.


Sweet North.

5 days of hiking, Maoritanga, beaches, islands, volcanoes and culture. Can be added to any of our South Island trips, or booked alone.

There’s a ton of information out there about New Zealand. Your next step could be to check out the details of Our Trips, read some testimonials, have a look around the site, which we keep pretty simple, or see what else is out there on the web and come back. We’ll be here. Oh, and you should definitely request a brochure.

And if you’re a repeat client, welcome back. You know the drill. Don’t forget to ask us about our 'Returning Friends' discount.

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Latest Reviews

nz trails guests veddern family at routeburn track

Our family of 5 had a blast on this trip. We met great people, our guide was fun and engaging and, of course, the star of the trip is the incredible beauty of New Zealand's South Island. We loved the variety of the activities.

Dan Veddern, USA, April 2016
Lamberts at Mou Waho Island, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

New Zealand Trails provided an incredible experience that we have already recommended to others. They did everything possible to make our experience entertaining, challenging, comfortable, informative and simply amazing!

Geoff and Natalie Lambert, Australia, March 2016
nz trails guest sandra by the routeburn river

My favourite bits were the Milford track, the helicopter, the lunch after drop off, the walk to the end of island and boat back to lodge, the overnight stay, jetboat out and the Hollyford track.

Sandra Crannage, UK, March 2016