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What to Bring for Walking in New Zealand Video

By New Zealand Trails

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What to bring for walking in New Zealand (Part 2) - Gidday, I'm Andrew from New Zealand Trails. Back again with the second of our handy videos to help you get ready for your 'World Heritage Walking Tour'. Today I'll talk about your outer layer and gear - your jacket and rain pants, backpack and what goes inside and a few other handy items I always have with me when I'm out hiking.

What to bring for walking in New Zealand - Video Transcript:

Gidday! I'm Andrew from New Zealand Trails back again today with a few more handy tips to help you get ready for your World Heritage Walking Tour. Today, we're looking at your outer layer and your backpack.
So probably the most important thing is your jacket. It's really important to have a waterproof Gore-Tex or similar type of fabric jacket, and it's up to you whether you like one longer or shorter or like the ones to about here. Now, the great thing about these jackets is that you wear it as an extra layer if it's cooler or windy and a wet-weather layer if you need it as well. Probably the most important thing in your backpack.
Now when I'm hiking, I always carry my pair of long waterproof trousers, and I have these rolled up and in the top of my backpack in an outside pocket. So I can get them out if I need to without going to the bottom of my pack.
Now for your backpack, as a guide, I'm going to be carrying a few things you won't have, like a first aid kit; you won't need one of those, so my backpack is a bit bigger than yours. I like a pack with external pockets – one on the front, another one in the top, so that I can get things in and out. Really important is to have this hip strap as well as the shoulder strap. So that's my backpack.
Now, when you're on the trip, you'll have one a little bit smaller. Something like this is what most people bring. Another little thing, really simple, but a large plastic bag to put your clothes in that go inside the backpack is a great thing, and we've got these for you if you need them.

A couple of other little things that can be handy: a pair of binoculars for the views or the birds; a waterproof cover for your camera or your phone, really important; and for water. Now, there's plenty of water on the walks with streams or in the huts, but I like to carry this type here, the CamelBak type. The idea is it goes in your backpack, and you have it attached to a strap, and it's really easy to drink the whole day. This or a water bottle is fine, and of course, you can get these when you're here, so don't worry too much about that.

Now, hiking poles, a lot of people like to use these, and they're not the most convenient thing to travel with from overseas, so we've got plenty of these, and we'll have them for you on day one of the trip, so you don't need to bring these.

So I hope that's helpful. Give us a call if you have any questions, and we'll see you here soon. Bye!

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My name's Andrew Wells, a New Zealand hiking guide and proud owner/operator of the 'World Heritage Walking Tour'.  You'll love the best walks in New Zealand and once-in-a-lifetime adventure activities included in this fully guided small group tour.  At the end of each amazing day relax in your laid-back luxury accommodation and savour the best New Zealand food and wine in our favourite hand-picked restaurants.  Topping it all off is your friendly, expert Kiwi guide!  See more about the tour here or get your free brochure now.

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