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August 2016 | By New Zealand Trails

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We are so excited to be so close to our new season here at New Zealand Trails. We have put our heads of hiking knowledge together to build some amazing New Zealand hiking tours to experience the 'real' New Zealand, and what us Kiwis want to show off in our beautiful country! Here are some of our team's thoughts about the upcoming summer season.

Dawn loves hiking out in the hills and the fresh air. 'I am ecstatic to welcome lots of happy guests that I have had the pleasure to speak to over the last few months and being able to see them having fun while they are here with us in New Zealand. Many of our trips travel through Central Otago and you can see all the cool outdoorsy stuff we have. My husband and I do a lot of hiking in this area with our two dogs and love getting out and about in the fresh air, so I am really looking forward to introducing our guests to what we call 'the heartland of the south'.

Jodi loves the sociality that hiking in a group has. 'I love our summer season! I love the excitement that builds before the start of the season as we make plans, get our guides back together and following each trip as it is out and about on the road. Another great thing is getting the feedback after the trips, seeing the photos and putting together the gallery. And, most of all, I enjoy meeting the people that I have been speaking to and getting to know prior to their time here in New Zealand, it really makes my day! Super, super excited, as it's our biggest season yet!'

Nigel has some fun hobbies to tell us about. 'Definitely looking forward to warmer weather, so that I can get back on my bike and try some of the multi-day hiking trips that are in and around Queenstown and further afield. Here is a great place for flying my little plane over the lake and the mountains, it's pretty cool, so I am excited to do that again! Kiwis are proud to be a part of the world and we really want to create a welcoming experience and show everyone why this place is so special!'

Lauren's happy place is the outdoors and she still gets out even in the rain! 'It's pretty cold here right now so I am really looking forward to some summer sunshine! Then, we can all get outside and get exploring the out of the way places that New Zealand Trails takes us to. We are lucky to have some awesome people joining us this year—the guides and the guests build a little community along the way. It's always great to hear the crazy stories that come out of our trips and the ones we share over our campfires on the beach. Our new trips are hitting the road this year with lots of cool tried and tested activities and lots of new places we are yet to visit. My happy place is outside and guiding really is my favourite thing and I am so excited to be taking guests on fun adventures and showing off the best of New Zealand.'

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Updated: 5/12/18

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