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Guest Journals

People that choose to take a New Zealand Trails trip are many things – intelligent, well-travelled, funny, outdoorsy and articulate. As a result, we receive heaps of overwhelmingly positive feedback from happy guests who were blown away by their New Zealand experience.

We read all our New Zealand Trails reviews and love hearing highlights, memories and the occasional suggestion from our guests. Here’s a sample of some of our favourites: -

“This trip was everything, and more, that we had hoped for”Louise & Anne, Canada. World Heritage, January 2019.

“What we dreamt of all year truly came to pass!”The Becker family, Nebraska. Kiwi Classic, December 2018.

Read more New Zealand Trails reviews here and find out just why our guests are smiling from ear to ear at the end of their trip!

smiling guests

Stunning views, great company and excellent food contributed to the smiles on this New Zealand Trails trip!

As well as penning reviews, we also encourage guests to share images from their trips;  there’s nothing better than seeing for ourselves the joy they got to experience (and let’s face it, everyone looks good with this country as a backdrop!), as well as their unique take on the New Zealand landscape. Check out our beautiful trip galleries and imagine yourself here.

glacier hike

There are plenty of 'life highlights' to be experienced here.

Our trips are so awesome that they’ve even inspired poets – check out guest Dawn’s charming Ode to New Zealand Trails and read more from Susan, a New Zealand Trails alumni, as she shares her candid and witty experiences travelling with us on the World Heritage tour around New Zealand’s South Island.

So, this is really your section of the blog – a place to set expectations for the journey to come, a place to whet your appetite for all that New Zealand has to offer and a place to relive memories of that trip of a lifetime!

milford sound stirling falls

Ode to New Zealand Trails

Here at New Zealand Trails we receive a lot of reviews and feedback from guests on our World Heritage Walking tours, but this one is hard to beat. Aft...

paparoa park2

My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 5

Join Tom and Susan Patterson for the last few days of their New Zealand hiking adventure. After hiking, helicoptering and jetboating in Fiordland they...

eglinton valley

My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 4

Fiordland and the world-famous Milford Track, a helicopter flight to remember and the Hollyford Valley - join Susan and Tom as they continue their New...

mou wahu island wanaka

My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 2

The ‘underworld’, kayaking the ‘heart of darkness’ and the ‘river of ice’, Susan Patterson continues her journey with husband Tom and shares with us t...

fox glacier group shot

My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 3

Naturalists, Weka eating Wetas and some fine Central Otago wine - Susan Patterson continues her journey with husband Tom and shares with us their expe...

hollyford boating2

My New Zealand Trails 'World Heritage Walking Tour' – Part 1

Susan Patterson shares her candid and often witty experiences while on our 13-Day New Zealand 'World Heritage Walking Tour'. Hailing from Vermont in t...